Las Vegas and WebmasterWorld

Viva Las Vegas! ?

One of the things you do when you don’t have a regular job is attend conferences with other people who don’t have regular jobs so you can discuss how to avoid ever having to get a regular job. Believe me, it’s HARD WORK.

A few weeks ago I attended the WebmasterWorld “Pub Con” Conference, one of the key conferences focused primarily on internet marketing. Others are Search Engine Strategies and AD-TECH. All hold several conferences per year at cities all around the world.

Las Vegas is quite a remarkable place by almost any measure. As a tourism guy I thought it might be interesting to compare the tourism economy of the entire Oregon Coast to the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. At 1.3 billion for the coast, they are about the same. The Venetian, another Las Vegas landmark, has about a 700 million dollar economy. Time to get going on that Las Vegas website project.

Here are a lot more pix of Las Vegas and a short history

Just remember – don’t split 10s in blackjack.