MIX06 in Las Vegas

Looking forward to Sunday’s trip to Las Vegas to attend the Mix06 conference at the Venetian Hotel.   Thanks to MS and Scoble I got a free ticket to the convention saving me $995.   With airfare at 300 and the Imperial Palace for only $65 nightly this will be a cheap trip and hopefully a very informative look into the future of Microsoft.    At other conferences the Web 2.0 pecking order seems clear – Google and Yahoo are getting it and MS is not.   However I think people are really underestimating Microsoft in both the search and the Web 2.0 space.

Google is conspicuously absent at MIX06.  Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay, and others there, though I think this is going to be a very Microsofty experience.

3 thoughts on “MIX06 in Las Vegas

  1. Also staying at the Imperial; I discovered I can cut 15 minutes off the walk by staying on the road to walk past Harrah’s rather than going all the way in and out of the Harrah’s approach!

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