Surface Computers. Very Cool.

Microsoft is demonstrating a very exciting touch technology – Surface Computers – that are coming soon to a Las Vegas near you. Check out the demo tape at Channel 10. (hmmm – loading problems?). Wait, here’s a shorter one at Popular Mechanics.

Aside from the potential $25,000? cost to spill your coffee and ruin this computerized table this really is an awesome technology, bringing two great user interface features to the “table” literally and figuratively.  The first is touch, which is a nice interface for many forms of navigation and the second is a large screen, which is almost always desirable as a big enhancement of the user experience.

Imagine sitting at your coffee table pulling up email, adjusting the TV, ordering up a pizza for delivery, and researching the influence of the Jacobian Matrix on search engine results.    It doesn’t get much better than that.

5 thoughts on “Surface Computers. Very Cool.

  1. Well, it looks like the boy wonder from Redmond is starting to feel the effects from all of that Bolivian Marching Powder. We have to realize that information technology is the science of manipulating information and that most “real” information is alphanumeric, you know ASCII stuff. Nothing beats the keyboard. I am sure that Bubba and Lurleen will think this the greatest thing to come down the Pike since indoor plumbing for sending pictures of Lil Skeeter to Ma & Pa. But can you imagine trying to do anything with this abortion.

  2. Maggie I was just guessing at the price tag. I’ve worked a lot with touch monitors and this is really a neat development, though it remains to be seen if it’ll catch on. Technically Las Vegas has been using tabletop, surface touch machines for many years in bars and such, but I I don’t think this style has been used for basic applications like this will be.

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