SES Conference, San Jose California: Search Secrets

The California Chamber is talking about their marketing strategies. Local numbers generate more activity than 800 numbers, although he seems to be assuming this means you should choose a local number for your biz over an 800 number. In this case I doubt that correlation is causation – probably locals are more likely to act on a Chamber issue.

The California Chamber looks like they are focusing mostly on PPC rather than Organic SEO.

Eric Enge’s [who is a killer foosball player!] has a bunch of excellent tips but I missed part of his presentation due to blog technical difficulties…. here are a few items:

Google Webmaster Tools – get some free links by finding malformed URLs and 301 redirecting them to the correct page. [note – generally Google passes authority along with 301 redirections]

Find dead and bad links and try to contact the site to fix them so you have a real, quality incoming link.

Use MSN Search Funnels for link development.

RIchard Zwicky:

Track PPC and Organic traffic independently – results may differ and you want to focus resources most effectively.

Links as (the?) most valuable factor in SEO.

Regional links are important for traffic from those regions. Hugely important, but overlooked.

Your competitors are probably lazier tha you are.

Don’t use black hat SEO but know it so you can defend against black hat attacks.

Hmm – now He’s outlining a hijack scheme where you basically set up a fake and heavy black hat SEO site for your competition, then just before this site is banned you redirect to the competitor site and he says the 301 bad juice would flow to them and get them banned.

my notes:

1) This is not consistent with my understanding of 301 unless he means that Google *sometimes* passes along bad PR if they think the offender is working with you. ie the fake sites have tricked Google into thinking they are part of the competitors web strategy. Simply passing bad PR via 301 would mean you could very easily kill any site simply by setting up a bad neighborhood and link it to competitor using 301 redirects. This was an early redirection issue, to my understanding fixed by Google after abuses by black hats.

2) Don’t do this. Not only is it unethical, but in my opinion courts will soon start cracking down on schemes like this as fraud, possibly even racketeering. Courts do not yet understand search but when they do you’ll see some massive lawsuits against people who interfere with their competitors this aggressively.


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