CES 2009 Las Vegas – Reinventing the Mobile Device and Mobile Network Session

Liveblogging here from CES 2009. Industry execs are discussing how to integreate the “full PC experience” into mobile devices, which they all seem to agree are the key growth market for online information. Some interesting observations about mobile internet:

Ubiquitous connectivity:

Browsers moving to devices other than just phones and PCs.

Location awareness is improving search and navigation.

India has more chidren than US has people. China and India as increasingly key drivers of mobile adoption. Mobile devices as a key status symbol of developing world. [I’m really interested in how the smartphone is changing the way the developing world does business and hope to report more on this later – last year CES showcased some really interesting projects like “MESH” which were bringing connectivity to rural poor. Another application was allowing fishermen to more effectively price (and distribute?) or their regional and local markets].

Mobile advertising: New formats and large growth expected. Ads moving “from annoyance to information to gift” [skeptical alert here – I think mobile must transition from an info rich medium which it is just beginning before it can move to the trust level people need to start being comfortable with the advertising.]

Leveraging phone meta data in terms of image and video and location awareness.  e.g.  if many photos come in from a certain location, that location is probably to be considered “interesting”.

Voice navigation has huge potential but is still a challenge to users.

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