Cntrstg Blog Lounge at Wynn for CES 2009. Thanks!

The fantastic Cntrstg blog lounge at the Wynn during CES 2009 was definitely one of the conference highlights for me.  The event lasted for much of the conference late into the night and provided a fantastic venue for blogging, relaxing, and several good tech presentations.     Cntrstg was along the lines of the Bloghaus in the Bellagio – a great event from the past two CES’s.

Thanks so much to the Cntrstg crew who did an amazing job of keeping folks fed and fueled and to the sponsors of this excellent Blog lounging event:


Disclosure:  Freebies from the blog lounge included beer, great Wynn catered food, a Scooba laptop bag, and a free airline ticket from the American Airlines presentation.

54 thoughts on “Cntrstg Blog Lounge at Wynn for CES 2009. Thanks!

  1. Hello!

    I hope you enjoyed the catering at ces. The guy on the third picture seems to be very relaxed 😉
    I heared the hotel rooms were very cheap at the ces because of decreasing visitors. Do you know how many people were there?
    thanks and have a nice day

  2. The catered food at the Wynn was great. Hotels were *cheaper* than previous years but still mostly at weekend and higher rates. About119k people attended this year.