Las Vegas Sun: CES 2009 Attendance Drops Significantly to 110,000

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Reports are still coming in and the official audited numbers are not ready yet, but it appears that attendance at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show CES 2009 was down over 20%, to 110,000 attendees. CES 2008 saw about 130,000 and CES 2007 even more so this does not appear to be an encouraging development for the electronics industry.

The Las Vegas Sun suggests that company expense cutbacks are mostly responsible for the lower attendance.

Is low attendance an indication of trouble yet to come? Unfortunately the answer is probably yes as CES is the world’s most influential electronics show and company cutbacks there are likely to reflect their own perceptions of troubles ahead.

2 thoughts on “Las Vegas Sun: CES 2009 Attendance Drops Significantly to 110,000

  1. Couple ways to look at this. 20% is lower than revenue reductions, so that could be positive. On the negative side, folks typically are locked into CES 6 months in advance, so no time to opt out. What will be more interesting is to see which segments of folks didnt come. ie press, analysys, channel reps, buyers, oems, etc.

  2. Good points Patrick. Unfortunately even with all the data it’s hard to generalize since CES tells us about marketing strategy more than direct sales or prospects – so I’m not sure how much it tells us about the future of the sector or these companies.