CES 2010 – Twitter Anyone?

One of the big stories here at CES is the rise of Twitter as a (the?) key tool for  *companies* to connect to *consumers* as well as the bloggers and industry insiders that flock to Las Vegas every January for the CES show.     This picture is from Wed setup when thousands of technicians set up thousands of exhibit booths here at the Venetian Sands.

Engadget, the official blog for the conference, has some really neat stations set up that show the twitter feed – I think only things tagged with CES related hashtags. UPDATE:  Sorry….I’m not clear on what these stations are showing as it does not appear to be Twitter.

Still, Twitter has mainstreamed so fast – it was the missing application that allows fast and effective communication person to person or person to large group.      I’ll be doing a longer feature on this with more pictures later in the conference over at the CES Blog.

CES 2010 Setup - Vizio Booth

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