Eneloop Rechargeable Battery System – Brilliant!

This is an unsolicited endorsement for the Eneloop battery system I’ve been using for a few weeks in Europe to keep my camera going.    On my last big trip – to China – I carried and used up dozens of batteries in my digital camera and wound up frustrated trying to find quality alkaline batteries at a good price.   Thanks to Eneloop I have needed only one spare set of batteries, charging up as needed using only a power adapter plug since the Eneloop charger works fine with Europe’s 200+ volt power.     The batteries have been superb, allowing me to take about 300+ photos without a recharge.   With the spare charged set I carry around I’ve had no need to use any other batteries.

Another clever Eneloop innovation is that the AA size fits inside a C or D shell provided with the kit, allowing you to use a small number of rechargeables for many devices.

Thanks, Eneloop!

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