CES 2012 – The “portable” TV

CES 2012 – The "portable" TV

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Portable TVs at CES. This is one of those ideas that seem pretty crazy to me. That said, in technology things rarely shake out as they first appear.

The concept here is the portable television, weighing from 5 to 12 pounds, that you carry from room to room or …. wherever so you don’t miss a minute of your show.

This is an interesting contrast with the much more prevalent concept here of a connected home where WIFI allows you to stream TV all over the house. In that scenario you’ll keep the TVs in place but have one in every room.

As this indicates, we’re a LONG way from true convergence, where the devices all integrate in a more robust fashion.

Seems that a *smart phone*, a small tablet or notebook/ultrabook computer, and a nice TV seem to be becoming the key indispensable devices to own. I’m thinkig we can probably manage three things successfully even as many innovators seem to believe we need full convergence where those devices, plus many others in our lives, communicate in real time all the time. More on that later…

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