Showstoppers at CES 2012

I’m a big fan of Showstoppers so here’s a preview of the companies we’ll see there tonight at one of CES very best events.   Showstoppers showcases several companies at a tasty dinner event at the Wynn.

These are often those that don’t have a huge presence othewise.

—— Press Release —–

Fisker cranks up the amps with the first public appearance of the Karma electric sedan since deliveries began in December. Raytheon and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department are bringing a patrol car to demonstrate laptop computer technologies that enable deputies to investigate crime scenes, chase down suspects and answer calls for help faster.

Here’s a quick look at just some of what’s coming from 120+ exhibiting companies:

  • 3D tools for configuring dream homes, from Blu Homes.
  • A look ahead at smart and dumb entertainment devices, from Boxee.
  • It’s not grandma’s sewing machine – but it comes from Brother.
  • A preview of Cadillac’s revolutionary in-vehicle data and entertainment system.
  • Android-powered tablet computers from E FUN – and Windows-powered tablets from Kupa.
  • The world’s smallest PC – on a USB stick – from FXI Technologies.
  • Ultrabooks, touch screens, laptops and workstations, from HP.
  • A giant 55-inch touch tablet, from InFocus.
  • Interactive digital textbooks and educational software, from Kno.
  • 20+ new products from Lenovo.
  • Quick-connect photo lenses for the iPhone, from Olloclip — and panoramic video tools from Kogeto.
  • Radio for a connected world, from Pandora.
  • Eco-friendly hydrogen fuel cells from SiGNa Chemistry that can power anything from a smartphone to a laptop to a refrigerator.
  • The smart yard, from The Toro Company.
  • Mobile video conferencing – sweeter on Ice Cream Sandwich — from Vidyo.

There’s a lot more. Click here to preview the hot companies with cool products coming to ShowStoppers @ CES.

Check the ShowStoppers NewsDesk blog as it goes live and streams details starting 10 January.

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