Is iPhone 5 going to be loaded with quad core chip?

Guest Post by Travis Ramsy

Samsung has already done it with the Galaxy S3, but it looks like Apple cannot wait to catch up. Rumors are that the iPhone 5 is going to be equipped with a quad core chip. Apart from running across the track for the finish line for the better phone, there is significance to this. If the rumors are true, for the very first time since Apple has started to create iPhones and iPads, the iPhone have a better processor than the iPad. It could be an interesting time, considering the slew of lawsuits that Apple and Samsung are busy fighting with each other all over the globe, but what this means for tech-geeks is this.
The quad core chip, which has been used successfully by HTC and LG apart from Samsung, is assuredly faster and more efficient than the dual-core A5X or the A5 that is being currently used in the iPhone 4S and the iPad. What the quad core does is, reduces power consumption by adjusting workloads to different frequencies and voltages. Apple could well choose to adapt this, despite the brawls at the courtroom – after all, Apple and Samsung are pretty happy partners in other areas – Samsung still provides Apple with flash memories and uses Samsung’s A5 and A5X modules.
But there is also the chance that Apple would surprise us all and just release an A6 version which has been long-awaited because all this is rumor. And especially with something like Apple, that remains and thrives in an aura of mystery; with rumor mills spinning all time.
What we can definitely expect from the iPhone 5 however is that it will be slimmer, sleeker, and with more power than the previous editions as well as better photo-clicking ability. Other rumors include a 19 pin dock connector and NFC capacities, but we don’t know if that will happen either.
For Apple enthusiasts, an A6 would probably be a bigger deal than the quad core chip. The A6 has been anticipated for a while—back in the days of release for the latest iPad, most people expected the device to host the A6, but were disappointed to learn that Apple was very coyly giving the A5X, not because the A5X is bad. The A5X is dual core too and gives better graphics.
Whether it is A6 or the quad core, the point is the new iPhone 5 will host either of the two. Unless Apple decides to do a whole turn around and surprise us. And believe us; it has done it before!

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