A Few Mobile Applications for Bad Weather

Mobile Applications to help in Bad Weather

A Guest Post by Alex Robinson

When a blizzard rolls through town, all you want to do is stay inside, stay warm and stay entertained. Cold weather, especially the type that has been drilling the East Coast recently, can cause a problem when it comes to staying warm thanks to freezing temperatures. Fortunately, cold weather doesn’t have to rob you of your entertainment.

One look at an app store on your smartphone or tablet and you know that you have hundreds and hundreds of app options available. But which ones will help you weather the storm?

  • Music apps – specifically, Spotify Premium. When the power goes out, the Internet goes with it. When you don’t have an Internet connection, which apps are even useful? Spotify Premium users know the answer to that question.  Even when you’re offline, with the Spotify app, you can listen to music. That includes all your established playlists and Spotify radio.
  • Flashlight apps – specifically, Best Flash Light! by RV AppStudios. Flashlight apps are a dime a dozen, but this app has something that makes it invaluable in a no-power situation: a timer. If a snowstorm takes out your power before you get a chance to light some candles, a flashlight on your phone is an invaluable asset. Use the timer on this specific app to turn off the light after a few minutes so you don’t drain your phone’s battery.
  • Weather apps – specifically, Weathermob. With a blizzard on the way, you want to know where it is – and what it looks like. This weather app combines the storm tracking you need to feel prepared, with pictures of the storm that other users of the app have uploaded. You can check forecasts, reports, news and attach photos and videos right in the app. You’ll be able to see what other storm-watchers have uploaded, including their captions. This app also offers Facebook and Twitter integration to keep you as social as possible.
  • Games – specifically, Angry Birds. No, Angry Birds isn’t anything new, but once you’ve downloaded this app, you can use it offline. This addictive app is perfect for hours where you can’t watch TV and those playing cards have gotten old. An app like this will keep you occupied and entertained while you ride out the storm, especially if you choose one of the themed-games, like the Star Wars version of Angry Birds.

Other tips to getting through inclement weather conditions?   Save as much battery as possible. One of the easiest ways to do that is to turn down your phone’s screen brightness, and close any apps running in the background.

Now, an accessory that is incredibly handy for iPhone users during a storm power outage is a self-charging case, specifically, the Mophie Juice Pack Helium.

Instead of worrying that your phone is going to die, and being left without the electricity you need to charge it, take comfort in these wireless cases. They are thin cases, protect your phone and charge your phone with just the flip of a switch.

With these apps, and some convenient accessories, you’ll be able to weather any winter storm 2013 has to bring.

This is a guest post by Alex Robinson, a tech expert and blogger for InternetServiceProvider.net .

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