SES San Francisco Day 2 – Matt Cutts In the House!

Google celebrity Matt Cutts hits the state this morning unannounced.  His search insights are always great…

Until I summarize the rapid fire tweets you’ll want to see here:

Yesterday I stuck to the Google tracks which, frankly, seemed kind of uninspired with the notable exception of Adam Singer’s great, fast paced presentation about the rise of mobile applications in terms of both usage and revenues.   He also noted how few see themselves as experts in mobile marketing.

Google’s dominance in search advertising is so supreme now that when I talked to the BING folks they were acknowledging how important Google advertising is to a strategy and basically just asking clients to add BING advertising into their mix.    Surprisingly they didn’t know of any research about the efficacy of BING vs ADWORDS click advertising  (or perhaps they just didn’t want to share it).    I ran into Jennifer Slegg @JenSense who has a report somewhere about this and I’ll find it soon.






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