About Technology Report

Technology Report is a  freewheeling look at gadgets and technology from John Ghysels and Joseph Hunkins.

John Ghysels has been an enthusiastic early adopter from his teens when he was a school age electronic tinkerer and a worldwide HAM radio operator, back when “binary” communications meant morse code. Now, as a technologist, traveler and Bay Area health care and insurance expert, John examines a host of new technologies in the health services, computing, radio, GIS, home entertainment, transportation and other technology sectors.

Joseph Hunkins is an Oregon internet entrepreneur and travel enthusiast who has worked in online environments for many years as a blogger, webmaster, and technology reporter.   Joe also established a travel information touchscreen system for the state of Oregon.   As a technology blogger Joe has covered events such as Microsoft MIX06, Search Engine Strategies, Mashup Camp Silicon Valley, Webmaster World,  Convergence08, and more.  His personal blog is:  JoeDuck.com