Olympics Coverage – Charter Login Problems

Just a quick post here hoping to help others with Charter’s bizarre Olympics login procedure.   You will need to use and possibly set up  a CHARTER.NET email address.   Also, you’ll need to have coverage that includes CNBC and MSNBC.   Internet only Charter service, even if you also get basic cable, will not include online Olympics coverage (!).    The Charter.net email may be but is not necessarily the same as the “contact email” you probably have already with Charter.   If the format of your email is NOT   @Charter.net   you won’t be able to log in.

If you do NOT have an @Charter.net email or you have forgotten it, it’s probably easier to just log in to your online account and set up a new one.   Have your bill handy – you’ll need the account number and security code which is in upper left corner.   You may not have an online account in which case this process may take you 10 minutes or so due to Charter’s overly complicated and cumbersome navigation and user interface.

If you have an account skip this, but if not you’ll need to  set up a charter online account: https://www.myaccount.charter.com/    Note that you generally must use the address on your bill which may NOT resemble your “real” address.    In my case, my actual address does not work in their system – I must use the billing address which is in an odd format – I presume from an old or funny database of addresses.

NOW that you have an online account, you can get a Charter.net email address.

From your account go to “tools” and then “email” and you can set up a new one.    THEN you go to the NBC Olympics login screen.  One of the gateways is here:   http://www.nbcolympics.com/liveextra/

This is where you must enter the Charter.net email you set up earlier.


I’m finally able to watch the Olympics online, which helps a LOT if you want to watch real time coverage or not just get the events NBC and Bob Costas’ think are worthy of your precious time.