CES 2010 – Twitter Anyone?

One of the big stories here at CES is the rise of Twitter as a (the?) key tool for  *companies* to connect to *consumers* as well as the bloggers and industry insiders that flock to Las Vegas every January for the CES show.     This picture is from Wed setup when thousands of technicians set up thousands of exhibit booths here at the Venetian Sands.

Engadget, the official blog for the conference, has some really neat stations set up that show the twitter feed – I think only things tagged with CES related hashtags. UPDATE:  Sorry….I’m not clear on what these stations are showing as it does not appear to be Twitter.

Still, Twitter has mainstreamed so fast – it was the missing application that allows fast and effective communication person to person or person to large group.      I’ll be doing a longer feature on this with more pictures later in the conference over at the CES Blog.

CES 2010 Setup - Vizio Booth

CES Venues: North Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center

Here’s a quick CES video summary of what you can expect in the North Hall which is between Central Hall and the Hilton at the Las Vegas Convention Center Complex. Note that the South Hall is (I think) the largest of all the key exhibit areas as it contains two floors of exhibitors, where it seemed to me from the past years that Central often has the largest display setups from the biggest CES exhibitors such as Microsoft and Intel.

CES Venues – Central Hall


The massive Las Vegas Convention Center is divided into North, South, and Central Hall. Also, there are usually several exhibits (e.g. a Microsoft Tech Home) located in the parking area for the Convention Center. For CES first timers take a few moments in front of the convention center to familiarize yourself with the layout of the halls so you won’t be quite as disoriented when you dive in:

Navigating CES 2010

UPDATE:   Unlike in past years, the CES Conference is NOT using the Sands Convention Center for the big floor exhibitors so unless you have specific vendors to visit at the Venetian or Sands you’ll probably want to focus your efforts on the Las Vegas Convention Center.   Bloggers and Press note that the Venetian facilities this year are limited to a small lounge,  so you should probably plan on using the LVCC Press Room and Blogger lounges more than the Venetian.

Print out a map:

Adding to both the fun and the challenge of the massive CES show is that it is … really … big.   This is an excellent map from CES Web:   CES_Show_Map (pdf).    The many different maps they have at the show are – for me – kind of hard to work with unless I have a very specific vendor to find.    I’d recommend that first timers print out This map and review it before arriving.

Targeting plus aimless wandering = success!

With some 2500 exhibitors I’d recommend you concentrate on finding things that really interest you and dig in deeper at those exhibits, and then simply walk the show floors somewhat systematically to take it all in.

Use the Venetian to LVCC Shuttle wisely
Because of the wait times and 10 minutes of travel I’d avoid taking the shuttle back and forth from the Venetian to the Convention Center – rather pick different days to visit each, perhaps lining up the Venetian or Hilton venues with parties or other events you have there since the Convention Center pretty much closes down after about 5 or 6 pm though many people and some exhibitors will linger on.

UPDATE:   Unlike in past years, CES is NOT using the Sands Convention Center for the big floor exhibitors so unless you have specific vendors to visit at the Venetian you’ll probably want to focus your efforts on the Las Vegas Convention Center.   Bloggers and Press note that the Venetian facilities this year are limited to a small lounge,  so you should probably plan on using the LVCC Press Room and Blogger lounges more than the Venetian.

Ford’s Allan Mulally- the best/last auto man standing?

Ford CEO Allan Mulally will again keynote this year’s CES.    Last year Mulally’s keynote was exceptional both in content and innovation as well as how passionately Mulally seemed to feel about Ford’s prospects in the very troubled times of the auto industry.   With a background in Aerospace Engineering, Mulally seemed the right man at the right time to face the difficult challenges ahead for Ford.

After the talk I had a chance to ask him if Ford would need auto industry bailout money and he said “no”.    Although Ford has enjoyed some loans from the US Energy Department I do not believe they’ve requested bailout funding, and it really appears that under Mulally’s  leadership Ford will emerge successfully and eventually profitably from the near collapse of the US Auto industry.

mullalyCES09Photo by Technology Report – OK to use with attribution.

CES Venues: Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall

The two  “huge” CES Venues are the Venetian / Sands Complex and the Las Vegas Convention Center.    The Las Vegas Hilton is also a major venue and is located “adjacent” to the Convention Center’s North Hall, though as with everything in Vegas you are in for some long walks.

Unlike the Venetian Sands complex, the Las Vegas Convention Center is *not* located on the Las Vegas Strip, so be sure to plan some extra time to get there if you are staying in  a strip hotel.   If you are staying in downtown Las Vegas you’ll want to consider a cab directly over or allow about a half hour to take the “Deuce” bus to the Venetian Sands and then another ten minutes to catch a CES Shuttle from there to the Convention Center Venue.

The Las Vegas Convention Center has three *enormous* halls, North (near the Hilton), Central, and South.   Although you could spend all day in any of these you’ll probably enjoy yourself most by walking a bit faster, stumbling into interesting exhibits and spending time where you see fit.    For first timers I’d recommend you avoid planning many appointments or mapping out your day – rather  simply try to get a good feel for the exhibit halls,  stop in at the interesting venues, and try to find a few CES parties to attend.  If you are a blogger or press this will be easier because the parties are often geared to those who will create some “business buzz” for the sponsors.

Aria Resort and Casino Now Open at CITYCENTER Las Vegas


Please note:   The Aria Resort and Vdara Hotel are sponsors of Technology Report’s CES Coverage for the 2010 Computer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and this post is to thank them for that support.   Disclosure Statement

The ARIA Resort & Casino and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in the new Las Vegas CityCenter Project are the first in the USA to debut a spectacular level of technological innovation for their guests.

A WiFi City opens at CITYCENTER Las Vegas:

CityCenter now offers the world’s largest distributed antenna system.   Over 6,500 antennas and over 2,900 wireless access points cover the Las Vegas CITYCENTER complex which is located directly south of the Bellagio on Las Vegas Boulevard, also called “The Las Vegas Strip”.

Aria’s Amazing Guestroom Technologies:

At the Aria Resort and Mandarin Hotels you’ll find  “smart” automation for every guestroom.   Every device is networked via one gigabit of bandwidth.

The room will recognize a first visit and “greet” guests as they enter with lighting and parting of curtains to showcase the  hotel’s spectacular city or mountain views. The TV will turn on to display a list of automated controls for guests to personalize.

The system also provides  one-touch remote control of lighting, room temperature, television/video systems, music, wake-up calls, draperies and requests for services.  A remote control directs devices in the room or the guest can use the nightstand’s  a seven-inch touch panel.

RFID unlocks the door via key card and sensor.

Aria rooms all feature a 42-inch LCD HDTV with laptop and other device connectivity as well as access to room controls.   The TV also acts as a communications center for the room.

The ARIA Resort & Casino opened December 17 and is located in the Las Vegas CityCenter project.

CES Venues: The Las Vegas Hilton

The Las Vegas Hilton Venue for CES is located adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center – which still means a walk of about 5-10 minutes but does not require you to take the free and frequent shuttle bus as you must to go from the Convention Center or the Hilton to the Venetian / Sands complex which is a few miles away.

The Hilton is the smallest and most easily manageable of the three major CES Venues which also include the Venetian / Sands and the Las Vegas Convention Center.

In Las Vegas you’ll want to preserve your strength and take shuttles whenever possible because simply walking from one hotel to another along the strip can take some time in this city of mega-buildings.   Also note that with buildings of this size your mind (and even maps) may tend to fool you into thinking things are closer than they actually are.

CES Venues: The Venetian

Although the CES Conference pretty much takes up all of the Las Vegas Strip for several days, there are three key venues for the conference. The largest is the Las Vegas Convention Center, a massive and sprawling complex with “North Hall” , “South Hall”, and “Central Hall”. This is where most of the exhibits are located. The second venue is the Las Vegas Hilton which is next door to North Hall, though among the mega-buildings of Las Vegas “next door” often means a shuttle ride or walk of 10+ minutes. The other major venue is the Venetian Hotel / Sands Convention Center, another huge and interconnected complex featuring several large convention halls and hundreds of hotel suites to feature specialized audio and other innovations.