Simcraft Racing Simulator

John will have more later on this topic as he had a chance to test one of the world’s top racing simulators on display at CES by Simcraft but I wanted to get these pictures online .  We had a nice talk with Simcraft’s CEO about his plans for moving forward with this remarkable driving simulation tool.    Rather than the arcade market with its liability challenges he explained that one of  Simcraft’s major projects right now is a contract with the Department of Defense to use the simulators to train drivers for high speed runs when they must avoid IEDs in Iraq and other combat environments.

At $44,000 this is not accessible to most but with a remarkable cage suspension system that gives the driver 3 degrees of motion this really is likely to be the sim of choice for high end drivers who can pony up the cash.

Autoblog has more on this device – easily one of CES’ most impressive demos.

Samsung Q1 looks pretty cool

Samsung launched the Samsung Q1 tablet PC today. I’ve paid virtually no attention to this market since attending MIX06 last year in Las Vegas and playing around with some of what were then the latest and greatest ultra mobile PC devices. I’m beginning to think Scoble is right – the tablet PC will eventually become a key device for most of us – it just has not got the respect it deserves, perhaps because early models were too far ahead of their time.

My Treo 650 was the best phone last year but I’ve never been happy with the tiny screen that makes browsing problematic at best.   I’d be happy to carry around a somewhat larger gadget if it gave me decent browsing capabilities.    I think the Apple iPhone is on to something with it’s relatively large touchscreen interface.

Press Release on Samsung Q1

MIX06 in Las Vegas

Looking forward to Sunday’s trip to Las Vegas to attend the Mix06 conference at the Venetian Hotel.   Thanks to MS and Scoble I got a free ticket to the convention saving me $995.   With airfare at 300 and the Imperial Palace for only $65 nightly this will be a cheap trip and hopefully a very informative look into the future of Microsoft.    At other conferences the Web 2.0 pecking order seems clear – Google and Yahoo are getting it and MS is not.   However I think people are really underestimating Microsoft in both the search and the Web 2.0 space.

Google is conspicuously absent at MIX06.  Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay, and others there, though I think this is going to be a very Microsofty experience.