Samsung Q1 looks pretty cool

Samsung launched the Samsung Q1 tablet PC today. I’ve paid virtually no attention to this market since attending MIX06 last year in Las Vegas and playing around with some of what were then the latest and greatest ultra mobile PC devices. I’m beginning to think Scoble is right – the tablet PC will eventually become a key device for most of us – it just has not got the respect it deserves, perhaps because early models were too far ahead of their time.

My Treo 650 was the best phone last year but I’ve never been happy with the tiny screen that makes browsing problematic at best.   I’d be happy to carry around a somewhat larger gadget if it gave me decent browsing capabilities.    I think the Apple iPhone is on to something with it’s relatively large touchscreen interface.

Press Release on Samsung Q1

ASIMO Demo at Disneyland’s Innoventions

ASIMO Demo at Disneyland’s Innovations

Originally uploaded by JoeDuck.
This was an impressive but simple demo of an amazing technological achievement. The locomotion was very realistic and impressive as ASIMO walked around and went up and down some stairs.

I fear a lot of young folks get jaded to how cool this stuff is by the wonders of “entertainment” technologies, but I couldn’t help but think that this Robot will *some day* be used to mark the beginning of when human-like robotics really took hold of the collective mindset.

China to internet gaming addicts – !/!/! zzzzzZAP!/!/!

USA Today reports that China has the world’s second largest online population after the USA. With 94,000,000 online they’ve decided some of the gaming fanatics might need a bit of electrical incentive to stay offline.

Ha – I kind of like this idea, but I don’t think I can get my son to sit still long enough to attach the electrodes.

But seriously folks, these symptoms sound pretty intense:
“… depression, nervousness, fear and unwillingness to interact with others, panic and agitation. They also have sleep disorders, the shakes and numbness in their hands.”