DARPA Red Balloon Challenge – Social Media Information or Disinformation?

The DARPA Red Balloon project launched 10 weather balloons across the USA this morning in a well publicized effort to gauge the power of social media in completing the task of finding all balloons and reporting their lat and long coordinates back to DARPA.   The first person or team to do that wins  $40,000

Many teams have sprung up across the country and are acting competitively – I think probably because of the large payout – making the project very different from a simple test of crowdsourcing where the social media “universe” might work together for the fun of the game, reporting the coordinates publicly.     As of 2:40 PM EST we have no winner and I can’t even find a single online reference to a lat long location of a balloon.

Secretiveness appears to be trumping the social media crowdsourcing here, so I’m not sure DARPA is measuring things as advertised – though maybe they also wanted to look at the deception / competition angle.

More from my post at JoeDuck.com:

DARPA – the advanced technology research wing of the US Military – is always coming up with the most fun research and today’s Red Balloon social media experiment is no exception to that rule.

Ten huge red weather balloons were launched this morning at 10am EST and DARPA will pay 40,000 to the first team or person that can identify all the balloons by number and latitude / longitude.

Now, in my view as a social media expert (aka a web surfer), DARPA’s payout of 40,000 is distorting the experiment in a confusing way, encouraging secretiveness and deception rather than cooperation.    That may be intentional, but I think they wanted people to “really try” and wrongly felt this was the best way to do it.    All of the serious efforts I’ve seen so far are actually  *discouraging* people from using the power of social media to find the balloons, instead asking them to email or phone in sightings and then in some cases share in the proceeds, in other cases promising to give them to charity.

DARPA should consider repeating this experiment as a TWITTER crowdsource where there is NO money offered and each report is posted at Twitter where the crowd can sort the fakes from the real data.    I think that task would likely only take minutes rather than the hours the current project appears to need to get a complete result from the secretive teams.

Here are more stories  about the DARPA Red Balloons:

Wall Street Journal: Spot 10 Balloons, Win $40,000

Gizmodo:  DARPA’s Giant Red Balloons Officially at Large

Technology Headlines

Technology headlines from Reuters:

There’s something in the air: augmented reality
Comcast lands NBC in deal that reshapes media
Teen Internet addicts more likely to self harm: study
GM sees the driving future: it’s a video game
Friendster to be sold by month’s end: source
Yahoo sees exponential growth in mobile ads
University turns iPhones into musical instruments
Google CEO says not to blame for news media woes
Nokia says halving smartphone offering
Google sees growth in online video ads

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Social Media Balloon Experiment! From the defense Department !?

Note: Technology Report’s daily Pre-CES coverage will begin next week !   We’ll also have our “First Timer’s Guide to CES” online soon.

Digital Hollywood Sessions at CES 2010

The Digital Hollywood sessions at CES 2010 showcase experts and issues at the intersection of technology, entertainment, and advertising. Here, from the Digital Hollywood website, are session summaries for these CES 2010 Digital Hollywood events:

Wednesday, January 6th
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Track I – RA1 – Reinventing Advertising
Hypertargeting: Ad Networks, Ad Serving and Ad Targeting
Heather Hopkins, SVP and General Manager, MTVN Tribes
Bruce Falck, Head of Google Content Network, Google
Colleen Quinn, Global Program Director, Interactive Advertising and Media & Entertainment, Industry Solutions, Teradata
Scott Ferris, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Emerging Media, Microsoft Advertiser & Publisher Solutions
Jeffrey Hochberg, Vice President of Sales, AOL’s Audience Targeting, AOL
Rick Bolander, Managing Partner, Gabriel Venture Partners, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track II – GP1 – Game Power
Innovation in Games, Game Networks and Social Gaming – Massive User Communities and Commerce
Don L. Daglow, President and CEO, Stormfront Studios Inc.
Ian Ali, National Sales Director, Microsoft Gaming and Advertising
Jordan Weisman, CEO and co-founder, Smith & Tinker
Jason Cieslak, Managing Director, Interactive Media, Siegel+Gale
Matt Story, Director, Play, a division of Denuo
Monty Sharma, VP Product Development and co-founder, Vivox
Rajat Paharia, Founder and Chief Product Officer, Bunchball
Mike Vorhaus, President, Magid Advisors, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track III – ME1 – Mobile Entertainment
The Smartphone Platform: Establishing the Personalized Video, Music, and Communications Experience
Tom Conrad, CTO, Pandora
Alex Bloom, CEO, Handango
Alex Barkaloff, Executive Producer, Digital Media, LIONSGATE
Stephen White, Vice President, Product and Content Management, Gracenote
Motorola, speaker to be announced
Steve Bradbury, VP, Content Strategy & Business Affairs, GoTV Networks, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Track I – RA2 – Reinventing Advertising
Advertising NEXT: Social Networks, TV & Video, Broadband, Mobile and Game
James Cooper, Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi NY
Tim Harris, Senior Vice President, Play, a Denuo Group Company
Anthony Di Biase, Executive Creative Director, Wunderman Southern California
Louisa Shipnuck, Global Business Development Executive, IBM Media and Entertainment
Greg Coleman, President and Chief Revenue Officer, Huffington Post
Simon Kelly, Chief Operating Officer, Story Worldwide
Tim Chang, Principal, Norwest Venture Partners, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track II- GP2 – Game Power
Game Power: Entertainment and Branding as Franchise – As Games Integrate into the Movie, Music, TV, Mobile, Advertainment & Custom Branded Experience
Tony Calandra, Chief Marketing Officer, MTV Games
Chad Stoller, EVP Digital Strategy, BBDO North America
Lars Buttler, founder & CEO, Trion World Network, Inc.
Matthew Ringel, SVP, Strategic Alliances, Live Nation, Moderator
Speakers to be announced
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track III – ME2 – Mobile Entertainment
The Smartphone – Platform Strategies: Apps – Entertainment, News, Music, Games, Location-Based, Communication and Community
Ravi Belwal, Senior Project Consultant, Forum Nokia
Steve Ronson, EVP, Enterprises, International, Digital Media, Consumer Products, AETN
Jeffrey Litvack, GM of Mobile and Emerging Products, Associated Press
Chris Tolles, CEO, Topix
Brandon Lucas, Vice-President and General Manager, Mobile, Black Entertainment Television
Adil Lalani, Co-Founder & CTO, TwitVid.com
Jim Black, Technical Consultant, Maendeleo Ventures, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Track I- RA3 – Reinventing Advertising
Advertising Accountability: Metrics and Analytics around Video, Social Media, P2P and User Generated Media
Susan Chiu, Director, Business Intelligence Center, Ingram Micro
Bill Stephenson, VP Advertiser Solutions, Nielsen Online
Greg Kahn, SVP, Director of Strategic Resources, Optimedia
Chance Parker, Vice President and General Manager, J.D. Power and Associates
Aseem Chandra, Senior VP of Product Marketing, Omniture
Tania Yuki, Director, Product Management, comScore, Inc.
John Hoctor, VP Business Development, Navic Networks
Mark Ghuneim, CEO, Wiredset, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track II- GP3 – Game Power
Virtual Worlds, Virtual Economies, Virtual Goods and Services and Virtual Gaming
Andrew Schneider, Co-Founder & President, Live Gamer
David Laux, Global Executive, Games & Interactive Entertainment, IBM
Cary Rosenzweig, president and CEO, IMVU
Michael Pole, co-Founder and CEO, Trilogy Studios,
Mark Hansen, Director of Business Development, LEGO Group & Project Lead, LEGO Universe
Craig Sherman, CEO, Gaia Online
Cindy Cook, former Chief Marketing Officer Vivendi Games, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track III – ME3 – Mobile Entertainment
Mobile & Broadband Music: New Platforms + New Technology + More Music + Dynamic Marketplace
Brad Duea, President, Napster
Rob Lewis, CEO, Omnifone
Kevin Arnold, Founder, IODA
Michael Dougherty, CEO, Jelli
Daniel Harris, Chairman & CEO, MediaPass, Moderator
Ted Cohen, Managing Partner, TAG Strategic llc, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Track I- RA4 – Reinventing Advertising
Contextual Media & Advertising: Transforming and Redefining the Relationship Between the Consumer, Advertising and Media Platforms
Jay L. Sampson, Vice President, Global Sales, Microsoft Corporation
Richard de Silva, General Partner, Highland Capital Partners
Carolyn Everson, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, Ad Sales, MTV Networks
Jessica Schell, SVP, Digital Strategy and Business Development, NBC Universal
Leo Burnett, speaker to be announced
Doug Scott, President, OgilvyEntertainment, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track II- GP4 – Game Power
Mobile Gaming Experience – the Next Generation in Games, Devices and the Coming High Speed Delivery of Content
Randy Stude, President, PC Gaming Alliance, Director, Gaming Program Office, Intel Corp.
Sean Alexander, Director of Silverlight Media, Microsoft
Jason Oberfest, Senior Vice President of Social Applications, ngmoco
Keith Lee, CEO & Co-Founder, Booyah
Hany Nada, Managing partner, GGV Capital
Russell G. Weiss, Partner, Morrison & Foerster LLP, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track III – ME4 – Mobile Entertainment
Video on the Smartphone – Entertainment & Information Programming Jumpstarts the Revolution
Doug Craig, Senior Vice President, Digital and Home Entertainment, Discovery Communications
Yacine Mahfoufi, Multimedia Strategic Marketing, Alcatel-Lucent
Madeline Herdrich, Vice President of Mobile, North America, Paramount Pictures Digital Entertainment Group
Anthony Bontrager, President, 1Cast
L.M. Kit Carson, Filmmaker/Journalist, AFRICA DIARY
Frank Chindamo, President & Chief Creative Officer, Fun Little Movies, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Track I – RA5 – Reinventing Advertising
Advertising Strategy, Expenditure and Analysis: Broadcast and Cable vs. the New Platforms: Broadband, Social Networks, Mobile, VOD & PVR
Warren Schlichting, SVP, Corporate Development Canoe Ventures
Tara Maitra, VP & GM of Content Services & Ad Sales, TiVo Inc.
Eric Bader, Managing Partner, BrandinHand, Inc.
Brandon G Berger, Vice President, Digital Innovation, MDC Partners
Barry Frey, SVP, Advanced Platforms, Cablevision
Terry S. Bienstock, CEO, Mobilactive Media, LLC., former EVP & General Counsel, Comcast Cable, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track II – GP5 – Game Power
Casual Gaming – The Next Great Platform in Gaming – Console, Broadband and Mobile
Liz Huszarik, SVP, Warner Bros. Media Research, Warner Bros.
Stephen Baer, Managing Partner, The Game Agency
Gui Karyo, EVP of Operations, Majesco
David McCaman, Senior Director of Marketing, Hands-On Mobile
Alok Kerjewal, founder and CEO, Games2Win
Brian Balfour, Founder and VP Product Marketing, Viximo
Sangita Verma, CEO, TAG Networks
David Getson, ceo, g-NET, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track III – ME5 – Mobile Entertainment
iPhone Apps – Change Agents – App Breakthroughs, Video, Games, Mobile Engagement and Advertising
John Zehr, Senior Vice President and General Manager, ESPN Mobile
Ian Lynch Smith, president and co-founder, Freeverse
Walker Fenton, GM, Media & Consumer division, NewsGator
Steve Polsky, President & COO, Flixster
Darren Cross, Director of Business Development, Fandango
Craig Wigginton, Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Thursday, January 7th
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Track I – RA6 – Reinventing Advertising
Video Advertising: How New Consumer Habits Are Driving the Advertising Community to Innovate, and the Challenges with Scale
Debbie Solomon, Managing Director, Business Planning, Mindshare
Marc Ruxin, Executive VP, Chief Innovation Officer, McCann Worldgroup
Tim Hanlon, Managing Director, Riverview Lane Associates
Jason Witt, Senior Vice President, General Manager, Digital Fusion, MTV Networks
Mark Marvel, Sr. Director, Video Monetization, msnbc.com
Tod M. Sacerdoti, CEO & Founder, BrightRoll, Inc.
Rovi, speaker to be announced
Steve Robinson, President & Founder, Panache, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track II – DH1 – Digital Hollywood and CC1 – The Cable Conference at CES
The Television Ecosystem: Programming, Pay-Services, Advertising and Multi-Platform Distribution – Revenue and Strategies
Tracey Scheppach, Senior Vice President/Video Innovation Director, Starcom USA
Roy Bank, President, Television, Merv Griffin Entertainment
Bryan Perez, General Manager and Senior Vice President, NBA Digital
Bruce Eisen, Vice President, Online Content Development & Strategy, DISH Network
Scott Brown, SVP Media Strategy & Digital Platforms, The Nielsen Company
Shahid Khan, Senior Partner, Interactive Broadband Consulting, LLC, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track III – ME6 – Mobile Entertainment Track
Inventing the Smartphone Culture – Mobile Device and Mobile Network – Integrating the Full PC Experience into a Personal Communications Device
Anthony Borquez, Senior Vice President for Online and Mobile Business Development, Konami Digital Entertainment
Courtney Jane Acuff, Vice President, Director, denuo (a Publicis Groupe Company)
Nash Parker, Director, Emerging Technology & Media, Alcatel-Lucent
Albert B. Chu, Vice President, Marketing & Alliances, ACCESS Systems Americas, Inc.
Cameron Friedlander, VP, Director of Creative technology, Designkitchen
Dr. Andrew Hsu, Technology Strategist, Synaptics
Phil Asmundson, Vice Chairman and U.S. TMT Leader, Deloitte LLP, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Noon – 1:00 PM
Track I – RA7 – Reinventing Advertising
Advertising Strategies in the Diversified Digital Culture: Broadband, Cable, Satellite, Games, Mobile and Social Networks
Rhys McLachlan, Head of Broadcast Implementation, TV, MediaCom
Mark J. Penn, President of Penn, Schoen and Berland and Worldwide President & CEO, Burson-Marsteller
Michael McLaren, President, McCann Erickson
Eric Hirshberg, President, Chief Creative Officer, Deutsch Los Angeles
Elizabeth Blair, CEO, Brand.Net
Randy Wooton, General Manager, Microsoft Advertising
Michael Kassan, Chairman & CEO, Media Link LLC, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track II – DH2 – Digital Hollywood and CC2 – The Cable Conference at CES
Video Anytime Anywhere: Video Across Platforms – Television, Internet and Mobile – Understanding the Value Proposition
John Watson, Executive Director of Business Development, AT&T Digital Media Solutions
Roger Keating, Senior Vice President, Digital Media, Hearst Television Inc.
Michael Alexander, Strategy & Growth Initiatives, IBM Global Telecommunications Industry
Josette Bonte, Chief Digital Media Strategist, Cisco IBSG
Rebecca Glashow, Senior Vice President, Digital Distribution, Discovery Communications
Adam Powers, Chair of Ecosystem Committee DLNA and Director of Standards and Emerging Technology, Rovi Corporation
Harshul Sanghi, Managing Director, Motorola Ventures, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track III – ME7 – Mobile Entertainment Track
Social Apps and Mini-Apps as the Next Platform: Advertising and Commerce in Mobile, Social Media & Broadband
John Shapiro, Product Manager, Adobe Wave
RO CHOY, Chief Revenue Officer, RockYou
Jennifer Cooper, Founder and Principle, Rocketfuel Media
Guy Vidra, Head of Business Development & Emerging, Washington Post Media
Shaukat Shamim, CEO & Co-Founder, Permuto
Sun Jen Yung, Managing Director, Nightwood Capital, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM
Track I – RA8 – Reinventing Advertising
The Future of Enhanced Advertising: Addressing Brands, Message, Technology, Media and Entertainment
Ari Bluman, President, North American Sales and Oerations, Real Media
Matti Leshem, CEO, Protagonist
Mike Siegenthaler, Director, Branded Entertainment, Microsoft Advertising
Davang Shah, Head of Marketing – Automotive, Finance, Entertainment, and Travel, Google
Jason Forbes, Senior Vice President, Strategy, New Products & Marketing, Time Warner Cable Media Sales
Gary McGuire, Chief Executive Officer, RMG Networks
Xavier Kochhar, Managing Partner, Media Link, LLC, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track II – DH3 – Digital Hollywood and CC3 – The Cable Conference at CES
Hollywood and the Digital Consumer: How Technology, Content and Services Establish the Next Level of Consumer Entertainment Experience
John Honeycutt, Chief Media Technology Officer, Discovery Communications
Ryan O’Hara, President of TV Guide Network and TVGuide.com
Lewis Henderson, CEO, Davie Brown Entertainment
Richard Cooperstein, Head, International Business Development & Strategy, Facebook
Gabriel Marano, Vice President, Programming, Fox Television Studios (15 Gigs)
Ira Rubenstein, Executive Vice President, Global Digital Media Group, Marvel Entertainment, Inc., Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track III – ME8 – Mobile Entertainment Track
Mobile as Lifestyle: The Communicator, the Entertainer, the Social Experiential Network and Device
Kai Buehler, General Manager, MindMatics
Brandon Starkoff, Senior Vice President/Director, Starcom Worldwide
Cheryl Lucanegro, Senior Vice President of Advertising Sales, Pandora
Paolo Pastorino, Business Development and Marketing Manager, Loquendo
Vladimir Edelman, Chief Marketing Officer, iconmobile
Lucy Hood, Executive Director, Institute for Communications, Technology Management, USC Marshall School of Business, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Track I – RA9 – Reinventing Advertising
HyperTargeting & HyperSelecting: Advertising, Search, Content and Aggregation
Kelly Dempski, Director of Research, Accenture Technology Labs
Jen Soch, Vice President, Activation Director Advanced TV, MediaVest
Benjamin Chen, Chairman/CEO, Mochila
Richard Jalichandra, CEO, Technorati
Mike Baker, CEO/president, DataXu
Andrew Cherwenka, Vice President, Business Development, Trapeze
James Colborn, Director, Microsoft Advertising
Peg Jackson, Managing Director, NeoCarta, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track II – DH4 – Digital Hollywood and CC4
The Flat Panel-Television Platform: HD, Downloads, Interactivity, Widgets – New Relationships, New Technology
Nick Colsey, Product Planning & New Business Development, Sony Electronics Inc.
OpenTV, speaker to be announced
Jeff Allen, Founder and CEO, RallyPoint, Moderator
Additional speakers to be announced
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track III – ME9 – Mobile Entertainment Track
Mobile Commerce and Content – The Mobile Web, Texting, Search and Advertising Options
Ali Rana, Vice President, Digital Strategy, Dynamic Logic
Jamie Wells, Director, Global Trade Marketing, Microsoft Mobile Advertising
David Vigil, Senior Vice President, Firethorn, a Qualcomm Company
Brian Johnson, Senior Vice President, Americas and Asia Pacific, mBlox
Bruce Stewart, CEO, Digital and Mobile Services, kgb
Pooj Preena, CEO, Groupe Hi-Media USA
David Berkowitz, Senior Director of Emerging Media & Innovation for 360i, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Friday, January 8th
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Track I – DH5 and CC5
The NexGen Entertainment Home Experience – From the Smart & Connected TV to the PVR, Set-Top & PC Experience
Timothy D. Twerdahl, Vice President, Consumer Products, Roku, Inc.
Mark Kroese, General Manager, Marketing and Advertising Strategy, Microsoft
Stephen Palm, DLNA Board of Directors and Technical Director, Broadcom Corporation
Rovi, speaker to be announced
Motorola, speaker to be announced
OpenTV, speaker to be announced
Rick Doherty, co-founder and Director, The Envisioneering Group, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track II – DH6
Venture Funding, Investment & Mergers – Leadership in the Entertainment & Technology Space: Broadband, Social Networks, Mobile and Games
Todd Chaffee, General Partner of Institutional Venture partners (IVP)
Ross Levinsohn, Founding Partner, Fuse Capital
Len Rand, Managing Director, Granite Ventures
David Siemer, founder, Siemer & Associates, Inc.
Mark Jensen, Managing Partner, National Venture Capital Services, Group, Deloitte Services LP
John Balen, General Partner, Canaan Partners
Joey Tamer, President, S.O.S. Inc., Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Noon – 1:00 PM
Track I – DH7 and CC6
Television and Video as an Interactive Content Experience – New Technologies, New Advertising – As Broadband, PVR and ITV Evolve
Sean Bunner, Operating Vice President, Advanced Services, HSN
Lisa Hsia, Senior Vice President, Digital Media, Bravo
Edgar Villalpando, SVP Marketing, ActiveVideo
Jaspal Bhasin, Chief Operating Officer, itaas, Inc.
Eric Gould Bear, Inventor of Telescopic Video & CEO, MONKEYmedia, Inc.
Cisco, speaker to be announced
Jeffrey Binder, General Partner, Genovation Capital, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track II – DH8 and CC7
Ubiquitous Video to the Consumer: The Technology & Content Enablers – Broadband, IPTV, Mobile & TV
Katrice N. Jones, Vice President, Digital Media and Creative Services, TV One
Derek Kuhn, Vice President, Emerging Technology and Media, Alcatel-Lucent
Shalini Govil-Pai, Lead Product Manager, Youtube/Google
Cisco, speaker to be announced
Jonathan Barzilay, Senior Vice President, Programming & Advertising, FLO TV
Stephen Condon, Director Market Development, Digital Media Solutions, AT&T
Nicholas Butterworth, CEO, HD Cloud
Arlene Zeichner, Principal, Selavy Associates, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM
Track I – DH9 and CC8
Bridging TV and Broadband: Strategic Relationships – Advertising, Technology & Content
Mitch Berman, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, ZillionTV
Mark McKinnon, Co-Chair, Arts+Labs
Damon Phillips, Vice President, ESPN360.com, ESPN
Alex Limberis, Chief Operating Officer, Syabas Technology
Bryan Biniak, CEO, Jacked
Rick Song, Senior Director, Eastern US Sales, Microsoft Advertising
Ben Mendelson, co-founder and president, Interactive Television Alliance, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track II – DH10
Hollywood and Media Reinvented – Traditional Media Transformed! HD Video, Internet Video, Broadband, Mobile & Games
Tom Meyer, President, Davie Brown Entertainment
Richard Sussman, Director, Media & Entertainment, Nielsen Online
Jason Rubinstein, GM/VP Digital Media, redbox
Scott Bushman, Vice President, Content & Business Development, Metacafe
Perry Wu, CEO & Founder, BitGravity
Yahav Isak, Director of Interactive Production, JWT
Larry Gerbrandt, Principal, Media Valuation Partners, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Track I – DH11 and CC9
The Broadband Economy: Video, Communications, Personalization, Social Media, Content, Lifestyle and Advertising Ecosystem
Shoshana Loeb, PhD, Executive Director and Chief Scientist, Telcordia Technologies
Dean Carignan, Director, Advertising Business Strategy, Entertainment & Devices Division, Microsoft Corporation
Steve West, Emerging Tehnology & Media, Alcatel-Lucent
Mark Yesayian, Managing Director, Digital West, MEC Interaction
Shawn Gold, CEO, Cocodot, former CMO, MySpace, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track II – DH12
Delivering Video Programming – Streaming and Live Broadband and Mobile: The Next Consumer Entertainment and Information Experience
Justin Kan, founder and President, Justin.tv
Dina Kaplan, co-founder, blip.tv
Marc Scarpa, CEO, SimplyNew
Vic Odryna, Co-Founder and CEO, ZeeVee
Rony Zarom, founder and CEO, Watchitoo
Uri Shinar, CEO, Aniboom
Mariana Danilovic, Managing Director, Hollywood Portfolio, LLC
Lauren Cole, President, Cole Media, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Saturday, January 9th
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Track I – DH13
Internet Video, Advertising & Marketing: The Next Generation of Consumer Reach
Chris Allen, Vice President/Director of Video Innovation, Starcom USA
Avi Savar, CEO, Big Fuel
Krish Menon, CTO, the newsmarket
Diaz Nesamoney, CEO, Jivox
David Burch, Director of Marketing, TubeMogul
Adam Boyden, President, Conduit
Heather Way, Research Analyst, Parks Associates, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track II – DH14
Content Rights and Technology Solutions in Media and Entertainment: From Standardization to Implementation of New Technology Strategies
Josh Kline, President & CEO of Secure Path
Steve Oetegenn, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Verimatrix
Rajan Samtani, Director, Business Development, Digimarc Corporation
Anthony Bay, CEO of MOD Systems
Show Rights, speaker to be announced
James M. Burger, Attorney at Law, Dow Lohnes, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Noon – 1:00 PM
Track I – DH15
Monetizing Digital Content – Innovative Ideas as Media, Entertainment and Technology Transform the Economy
Marty Roberts, Vice President of Marketing, thePlatform™
Stuart Rosove, Vice President, Media & Entertainment, Digimarc Corporation
Brian Lakamp, EVP Digital Media, Premiere Radio Networks
Jim Benz, Executive Director, CSG Systems
Matt Knopf, Vice President, Business Development, PLYmedia
David E. Leibowitz, Managing Partner, CH Potomac, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track II – DH16
Branded Media Marketing – Across Platforms – TV, Film, Broadband, Mobile, Virtual Worlds, Music and Games – Reinventing the Commerce & Media Model
Anne White, Vice President, Content Strategy & Development, Premier Retail Networks (PRN)
Lisa Marino, Vice President, Sales, RockYou
Darren Hardy, Publisher and Editorial Director, Success Magazine
Michael Moroney, Senior VP of Digital Media, TBA Global
Robert E. Quicksilver, Chief Content Officer, Tidal TV
Charlie Tercek, Creative Director, Serial, Ascent Media Group
Andy Meyers, President, M3 Television
Allison Dollar, CEO, ITV Alliance, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM
Track I – DH17
Inventing TV 2.0 – Broadband Enriches Channelized Content – Defining the Set Top Box, Streaming Media Adapter, Downloadable Consumer Experience
Ramon Cazares, VP Business Development, Cresta Technology
David Henry, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Consumer and Home Products, NETGEAR
Leslie Chard, President of WHDI (Wireless Home Digital Interface) LLC
Peter Low, President and COO, Ensequence
Dan Marotta, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Broadband, Communications Group, Broadcom
Michele McGarry, Vice President of Business Development, ThinkAnalytics
BigBand Networks, Speaker to be announced
Jonathan Hurd, Director, Altman Vilandrie & Company, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track II – DH18
Content Delivery, Rich Media, IPTV and Internet TV Connectivity – Enabling the Connected Broadband and TV Universe
Rajan Raghavan, CEO & Co-founder, Vice President, Business Development, Ankeena Networks
John Bishop, SVP Business Development/Strategy, Inlet Technologies
Doug Junkins, Vice President of IP Development, Global IP Network, NTT America
Daniel S. Simpkins, Chairman and CEO, Hillcrest Labs
Katherine L. Parker, Internet, Media & Entertainment Industry Sales Global Business Development Manager, former, Sun Microsystems, Inc., Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Track I – DH19
Advertising Analytics and Social Media, Search, Video Search and HyperTargeting
Ian Swanson, co-founder and CEO, Sometrics
Ben Straley, CEO, Meteor Solutions
Jennifer Black, Vice President, Marketing, Local.com
Zvika Netter, CEO & co-founder, Innovid
Craig Danuloff, President & Founder, ClickEquations
Wes Nichols, Co-Founder and CEO, MarketShare Partners
Rob Crumpler, President and CEO BuzzLogic
Donald A. Jasko, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Economics, Moderator
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Track II – DH20
Next Generation P2P Music and Film – DRM, Paid for Pass-Along and Other Legal Distributed Computing Models and the Entertainment Industries
Michael Papish, CEO and Co-founder, MediaUnbound
Marty Lafferty, CEO, Distributed Computing Industry Association (DCIA), Moderator
Additional speakers to be announced
For Session Description & Speaker Bios Click Here

Twitter Raises another $100 million. Twitter now valued at approximately 1 Billion dollars.

Jessica Vascellaro at the Wall Street Journal is breaking the news today that the social media mavens at Twitter.com are raising an additional $100 million in venture capital, giving Twitter a new valuation close to  (insert Austin Powers voice here)  one billion dollars.

Jessica notes that previous funding valued the company at about 255 million.    The new funding round not only confirms that Twitter is now a key major online player but will give them huge resources to continue rapid growth and expansion and perhaps even marketing, although one of Twitter’s brilliancies is that it needs an advertising budget of zero.   Twitter is the ultimate “word of mouth” tool for the online generation and everybody from celebrities to businesses are using the tool to create a dialog with fans, customers, and friends.     Where Facebook is powerful as a tool for maintaining relationships with friends and family, Twitter is superior as the fast and superficial way to keep in touch, “shout out” a message to the world, and generally manage large networks of customers, friends, conference attendees, etc.     There’s room for several social networking tools but I think we’ll  see both Facebook and Twitter continue to thrive and grow substantially in the coming years.

As we’ve been noting for some time Twitter represents something of a “perfect online storm”  where timing, simplicity, and social media are combined in a way that appeals to both sophisticated and new technology users.    The last time we saw this combination of innovation with the technological zeitgeist was Google search, and we all know how that turned out.

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