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Global Startup Youth Conference in Kuala Lumpur October 8th

Global Startup Youth Globalstartupyouth.org is a 3-day high impact ideas accelerator taking place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia October 8-11.

The event hosts 540 youth (18-25) from at least 90 countries who will work over 3 days to ideate and launch new projects that will hopefully evolve into ventures that are globally sustainable.   The event was developed by StartupMalaysia with deep insights from partners, including the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia, the US State Department, YouNoodle Inc., UPGlobal, Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd, Global Entrepreneurship Week, and Startup Nations.

—-   Press Release  —

San Francisco, CA – October 2, 2013 – The Global Startup Youth (GSY), a 3-day high impact ideas accelerator aimed at turning ideas into high growth ventures and taking place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from October 8-11 today announced that 540 youth (18-25) from at least 90 countries will work over 3 days to ideate and launch new projects that will hopefully evolve into ventures that are globally sustainable. Designed by StartupMalaysia with deep insights from partners, including the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia, the US State Department, YouNoodle Inc., UPGlobal, Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd, Global Entrepreneurship Week, and Startup Nations, Global Startup Youth aims to catalyze the next generation of high-growth ventures and young entrepreneurs.

“This event harnesses the power of youth, their cultural diversity, their domain expertise and their deep conversations about today’s world problems to accelerate them into ventures, ready to be taken to market and scaled,” said Dash Dhakshinamoorthy, entrepreneur and Founder of StartupMalaysia.org. “The teams will get to interact with entrepreneurs and leaders from all over the world as well as hear President Obama’s keynote address. This is an amazing opportunity for all of the chosen participants.”

The GSY also brings together 30 leaders from startup communities around the world through the Startup Nations Meet (hosted by Mr. Dhakshinamoorthy and Rebeca Hwang, co-founder of YouNoodle and Startup Malaysia) and 30 international grassroots startup leaders through the UPGlobal Facilitators Meet (led by Marc Nager of UPGlobal).

“More than 45 Judges from around the world judged and scored applications using YouNoodle’s Judge Platform to help choose the GSY participants,” said Ms. Huang. “This collaboration of numerous stakeholders involved in the global startup ecosystem will be unprecedented and the inaugural GSY is set to be a new model for building cross-border collaborations amongst youth and our future entrepreneurs.”

Some of the young leaders coming to compete in The Global Startup Youth include:

– Jared Kleinert (18), Boca Raton, FL – an author and entrepreneur who is working to empower and mobilize young people to and inspire the 2 billion people in the world currently under the age of 20.
– Joshua Harrington (18), New Zealand – a young entrepreneur who has had various web-based businesses since the age of 13.
– Adrian Carabias Barroso (AGE), Mexico – an entrepreneur whose goal is to solve the world’s huge problem of the supply and demand for blood using social media.
– Alanna Ford (24), United Kingdom – a young woman who believes that investing in women has the potential to uplift entire communities.
– Carryn Goh (21), Malaysia – An inspired innovator who is working to re-invent ecommerce shopping for women in the SEA region.

For more information contact Michael Volpatt (Michael@Larkinvolpatt.com)

SES San Francisco Day 2 – Matt Cutts In the House!

Google celebrity Matt Cutts hits the state this morning unannounced.  His search insights are always great…

Until I summarize the rapid fire tweets you’ll want to see here:  http://twitter.com/JoeDuck/

Yesterday I stuck to the Google tracks which, frankly, seemed kind of uninspired with the notable exception of Adam Singer’s great, fast paced presentation about the rise of mobile applications in terms of both usage and revenues.   He also noted how few see themselves as experts in mobile marketing.

Google’s dominance in search advertising is so supreme now that when I talked to the BING folks they were acknowledging how important Google advertising is to a strategy and basically just asking clients to add BING advertising into their mix.    Surprisingly they didn’t know of any research about the efficacy of BING vs ADWORDS click advertising  (or perhaps they just didn’t want to share it).    I ran into Jennifer Slegg @JenSense who has a report somewhere about this and I’ll find it soon.






Yahoo to buy Tumblr for a cool billion on Monday

Strong rumors are surfacing that Yahoo will be buying social media site Tumbler.com on Monday for about 1.1 billion dollars.   Unless Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg takes the advice of Silicon Valley mini mogol Jason Calcanis (and he won’t), it would seem this deal is probably going to go through.

Is this as great a move for Yahoo as Jason C seems to think?    I’d say sure if it shakes Yahoo into a more appropriate roll as a key player in the online social media space.   Despite massive amounts of activity and traffic, Yahoo’s been in Google’s shadow pretty much as along as Google’s been around to beat Yahoo like a rented mule – and beat them at pretty much everything they’ve both tried to do.   Flickr is an exception to this, and perhaps Mayer’s gameplan will be to aquire projects that can give Google a run for the big advertising money in various venues.    Could Mayer even have her eyes on search?    Yahoo threw in that towl long ago, but Microsoft’s Bing seems to bounce back into the behemoth’s  online strategy every few years.   Bing’s quality is comparable to Google’s, so look for something interesting to happen with a Yahoo Microsoft partnership (or aquisition of YHOO by MSFT, as should have happened years ago when Microsoft offered to buy YHOO for about $31 per share, far above Yahoo’s curent valuation).     New CEO Marissa Mayer was exactly what the Yahoo doctor ordered – somebody who will take calculated risks and has an intellectual and competitive incentive to succeed where so many others have conspicuously failed.


All Things D appears to be the site that broke this story:  http://allthingsd.com/20130517/yahoo-board-to-meet-sunday-to-consider-1-1-billion-all-cash-deal-to-acquire-tumblr/

Disclaimer:  I own YHOO stock

Guest Post: Mobile News Applications from the UK’s Reese Jones

Keeping Up With the News – Digital Tools

by Reese Jones

News travels faster than ever and there is more of it, reported in more ways, by more agencies, than you could possibly imagine. Trying to keep up with it all is an impossibility. That’s why it can be of great benefit to the news hungry, to have some way to tailor what news will reach them. With mobile devices set to take over as the major news communication device, the number of news apps has proliferated faster than a plague of locusts. With so many apps out there, it is hard to choose the one that suits you best. Here are some handy tips to helping you find what is best for you. Please note, these are only guidelines and not articles of faith…

News: Your point of view
With so much news out there, it is important that your app learns to discern what news would typically be of interest to you. Your news app should be able to pick out news from geographical regions, subject areas such as art, entertainment and politics as well as what type of news. This last option is a little tricky. You might be more interested in features rather than straight-up news reports. You might want news round up like a stockmarket report or general news bulletin. A good news app should be able to scan the news out there and pick out the news based on your preferences.

The layout is also crucial. Some news apps can organise your news efficiently according to your preferred categories. In some instances they can even prioritise what news reaches you, so that if time is short the important news reaches you first. It can also adapt the way the news is presented to you, so that for example you can have a list of news snippets presented to you. RSS feeds are a particularly popular way of garnering news that interests you in an accessible way that allows you to find out what’s going at just a glance.

Who has your ear?
In this age of celebrity, news presenters can attract a cult following so if you just cannot bear the thought of missing any interrogation from The Paxman then you should get a news app that can identify and select news from certain sources. My father, for example, has a completely irrational love of FOX news. Now if I were of a mind, I could install an app that looks specifically for reports from FOX News; unfortunately for him, he can’t install the app – he’s not savvy enough to know how…he watches FOX news after all. Of course, I won’t bother. My mother told me not to encourage other people’s bad habits. Naturally, nigh on every national news agency has their own app, if you have your colours pinned to one particular mast.

How about this for fancy? Buzz Voice can scan the news for your favourite news items and then read them out to you. In essence, you would be creating your own personal news radio show. You can happily make yourself breakfast in the morning while your phone tells you what’s going on in the sectors and countries you are interested in. I’m a particular fan of using this app when my mother-in-law comes to visit, as I can pretend I’m on the phone to someone. Amazing how hearing what’s going on in Africa helps you blur out someone’s very existence from your consciousness.

Share the pain/gain
Some particular news item excites or depresses you so much you just have to tell your friends? Well, many news apps have jumped on the online social bandwagon and allow you to share your news collections in an easy manner. Pulse News is a particularly useful way of organising and sharing your news on Facebook, Twitter or via email.

About the Author
Reese Jones is a tech and gadget lover, a die-hard fan of iOS and console games. She started her writing venture recently and writes about everything from quick tech tips, to mobile-specific news from the likes of O2, to tech-related DIY. Find more about her and her work at Reese+ and tweet her  @r_am_jones.

SES San Francisco. Live Reporting Starts August 12

Technology Report will be live blogging SES San Francisco, one of the world’s oldest and arguably the top online marketing conference*.   Most of that coverage will be here at Technology Report but I will also have posts at JoeDuck and our Retire USA Retirement Blog when the topics may be of interest to seniors and retired folks.

Technology Report was actually started with my California Technnology buddy John Ghysels to cover SES plus other conference events in Silicon Valley like the Mashup Camp and Startup Camps  (I miss those!)  but I have not been to SES for several years and I’m looking forward to reporting from there this year and giving extra  attention to the topic of Search Engine Optimization or ‘SEO’, something always near and dear to me as somebody who supervises so many websites.

Social media has shaken things up quite a bit both online and in the SEO field.   In my view Google has become much more conservative ranking websites.  Google now assumes very correctly that most new websites are spam or very low quality sites, and therefore Google looks for “big signals” to allow new sites to rank well for valuable terms.   This adds yet another burden to new websites that deserve to rank well, especially those that seek valuable niche markets.

For more about the upcoming SES Conference visit their website, review the SES Conference Agenda Online, or go directly to the following conference highlights here (these link directly to the SES Official Site):


SES Conference first timers will want to note that this conference is fast and furious, and you can’t possible take in everything over the course of three days.    I’d recommend you review the materials carefully before the show and pick a few topics and speakers you’ll want to hear and be sure to get to those talks.  Ask a question or introduce yourself to the speakers afterwards.    (tip – you’ll certainly want to have Google’s Avinash Kaushik on that list).

SES Parties:   Sadly, the incredible  “Google Dance” is no longer a feature of the SES conference but you’ll want to keep your eyes open for party opportunities with the many exhibitors at the Conference.    The burst of the dot com bubble meant downsizing of both internet companies and their parties, the best of which was the amazing “Google Dance” held at the close of SES on the Google campus in Mountain View.

* There are basically three major online strategy conferences and the history of these events is quite fun and interesting.  They are SES, SMX, and PubCon.

Google knol discontinued

We just learned that Google has – somewhat quietly – discontinued Google knol, a very interesting project that presumably never really took off and/or was so eclipsed by Wikipedia that Google decided to kill it.  I’m a little surprised because it seems to me folks should NOT start social media projects unless they intend to at least keep them posted online indefinitely.  Otherwise, in my opinion, you have sort of broken an implied contract with your contributors that you will at least keep a website/project/media alive for the long haul.   I can understand “no more support” for such things because that could represent a significant expense, but it seems we have more and more examples where big players are abandoning projects and deleting content from the web, which in general is not cool at all.    Google (and another example, Kodak’s photo environment) generally allow people to download or move their content to other services, but I’d sure be upset if I’d devoted many hours to knol only to learn all my time would soon be wasted by the big G.    THAT SAID, Google deserves a lot of credit for creating a way for people to redirect the knol links to WordPress.   It does appear to me they have anticipated the concerns expressed here and made it fairly easy for folks to preserve their work.   Likewise with Kodak where they are pushing the content to Shutterfly.    So, in summary, maybe it’s overreacting here given that the content will be preserved, just at different URLs:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Knol?

Knol launched in 2007 as a method for authors to work together to create authoritative articles about specific topics that they know about.

Why is Knol being discontinued?

Google is prioritizing our product efforts so we can make things much simpler for our users and devote more resources to high impact products.

When is Knol being discontinued?

From now through April 30th, 2012, Knol will work as usual, but we’ve made it easy for you to download your knols to file and/or export them to WordPress.com. From May 1, 2012 through October 1, 2012, knols will no longer be viewable, but can be downloaded and exported. After that time, Knol content will no longer be accessible.

How do I download my knols?

From now through October 1, 2012, you can download your knols from knol.google.com. There will be a large section at the top of the page with links to either export your knols to WordPress.com or download them to a file. Clicking the latter will take you to Google Takeout where you can create your archive.

What are the alternatives to Knol?

Knol authors have worked together to create very informative and authoritative content. To continue fostering this, we have worked with Solvitor and Crowd Favorite to create Annotum, an open-source scholarly authoring and publishing platform based on WordPress.

Why is WordPress.com the default destination for Knol content?

The team at Automattic, which runs WordPress.com, has worked hard to enable Annotum and make its review and publishing functionality available by imported knols. The peer review workflow can be enabled for any Annotum site by following a few simple steps outlined in this knowledge base article.

Can I redirect my knol’s URLs so people can find the content?

Yes. Knols exported to WordPress.com will automatically be redirected. To manually set redirects, visit knol.google.com and click on My knols. On the Knols tab, each published knol will have a link to “Set a redirect URL”. Click that link and enter your new target URL. Click Save to set the redirect. Note that users who try to visit the knol’s original URL will see a page informing them that the page’s author would like to send them to a new page and be given the choice of whether to continue. Any co-author or co-owner of a knol has permission to set or remove a redirect URL for that knol until May 1, 2012, when they will be locked.


China Presents at Showstoppers, CES 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas

Although Chinese companies have been strongly represented at CES for many years, I think we’ll continue to see China work towards a kind of “national brand” where the emphasis is a bit like the “made in USA” approach here in the USA.

This may be a challenge given the political climate here in the USA where both parties maintain the stance of “fearing China’s economy” even as they recognize our economies are intertwined almost beyond recognition and in general offer many “win win” relationships between consumers and companies in both countries.

Culturally, China is only beginning to learn the ins and outs of the American hype machine, leading to some amusing pitch lines and displays that might benefit greatly from a Las Vegas style makeover. That said, it’s kind of “charming” to see the more subtle and respectful business tactics of Asia here in the USA. For example the passing of business cards is done with a bow and both hands.