Technology and Your Retirement

Over at another site we’re involved with, Retire USA, you’ll find a lot about the effect of technologies on your retirement and your retirement planning.    Gary Kaye is an award-winning journalist who writes for our TECHNOLOGY AND YOU  column where he talks about how technology continues to shape and reshape the retirement landscape.   Gary has been covering technology since 1981 when he reported for NBC radio.   Gary was the technology producer for “ABC World News Tonight” and has been a featured reporter at CNN, American Morning, New Economy Watch, and Digital Jam.

Technology Report will be live again this year from 2013 International CES where the “Silvers Summit” will feature technology and innovation in the retirement and health sectors.

We’ve also got more great bloggers featuring retirement themes:

AGING SUCCESSFULLY – Dr. John M. Kalb – John is a chiropractic physician, men’s movement elder, educator, scientist, and health coach. In his own blogs and in his book, Winning at Aging, Dr. Kalb passionately maps out a complete game plan for health and happiness in the second half of life.

CARE OPTIONS – Mei Wong and Brittany Weiler – Mei, a Certified Geriatric Wellness Instructor with Memory Enhancement, is CEO of Care Option Resources (COR), which helps veterans and widows with acquiring their benefits. Like Mei, Brittany also a certified Geriatric Wellness Instructor with Memory Enhancement and has experience in the senior industry and in insurance & retirement planning.

FITNESS – Andy Baxter – Andy has been a senior personal trainer, post rehab conditioning specialist and medical exercise specialist for 24 years.  Andy operates Baxter Fitness Solutions for Fifty and Beyond and Beyond 50 Fitness, LLC which produces fitness DVDs.  Andy’s proprietary Ageless Fitness Systems is currently being used in British Columbia, Oregon, California and Kentucky.

FOREIGN TRAVEL – Tom Smith – A world traveler himself, Tom is a member and affiliate of The Travel Society – A Virtuoso Member.  Specializing in foreign independent travel, Tom has been a travel agent for 36 years.

IRA ADVICE – Ed Slott – Named “The Best Source for IRA Advice” by The Wall Street Journal, Ed is a nationally recognized IRA-distribution expert  and the creator of several public television specials viewed by millions of Americans. He hosts two popular websites and has written several best-selling books.

MEDICAL – Robin Miller, M.D., M.H.S. – Board certified in Internal Medicine, Medical Director of Triune Integrative Medicine, newspaper columnist and NBC medical reporter (Medford, Oregon), author, Dr. Miller is one of the most respected and best-known physicians in the Pacific Northwest.

MEDICARE – Julia Ruscitti – A native Oregonian, Julia has been involved in insurance sales and consulting for the past nine years.  She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of Medicare supplements including Med Advantage plans, Medigap, and stand alone RX plans.

PETS AND SENIORS– Christine Mallar – Christine is co-owner of Portland, Oregon’s Green Dog Pet Supply, the first pet supply store in the nation to specialize in environmentally friendly pet supplies. She has over 20 years of animal training experience, both with exotic animals and as a dog trainer teaching group classes.

REAL ESTATE– Ellee Celler – Ellee, a broker with RE/MAX Ideal Brokers, Inc., has practiced real estate on the east coast and in Oregon for over 30 years. After operating her own brokerage in Jacksonville, Oregon for a decade, Ellee joined ReMax for its extensive support services, networking and training.

RETIREMENT LIFESTYLE– Debbie Drinkard Grovum – Debbie is a Board Certified Coach trained in life, career and retirement coaching and owner of Ageinista, which provides services and resources that promote a vibrant and productive second half of life. She has been trained by and is affiliated with the Purpose Project, a joint project of the University of Minnesota, Center for Spirituality and Healing and Richard Leider of the Inventure Group.

RETIREMENT COMMUNITIES– Madeline Hill & Friends – A national expert on senior living, Madeline was one the pioneers in the concept of “aging-in-place.” Incorporating concepts she developed during a distinguished career in social and senior services, Madeline played a key role in creating Mountain Meadows, an award-winning 55+ community in Ashland, Oregon.

SENIOR HOUSING OPTIONS – Cherie Henry – A member of the “golden girls” team at Golden Placement Services, Cherie is a senior housing and transition specialist. She has extensive experience as a licensed administrator in assisted living communities.

TECHNOLOGY AND YOU – Gary Kaye – An award-winning journalist who has been covering hi-tech since 1981, Gary started reporting at NBC radio. He later became the technology producer for “ABC News Business World”, and “ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings”. At CNN and CNN/fn he covered technology for programs including: CNN/Fortune, CNN Newsstand, American Morning, New Economy Watch, and Digital Jam.

THINKING RETIREMENT– Andy Landis – Andy is a Certified Life Options Retirement Coach and an internationally-known author, speaker, and consultant specializing in retirement planning, with technical expertise in Social Security and Medicare. Andy has designed and led dynamic retirement seminars for over 20 years, guiding tens of thousands toward successful retirement.

TRAVEL AND PHOTOGRAPHY – Bill Ferry – Bill has been able to showcase a series of passions into a popular website and periodic travel blog. In the last decade he & his wife have crisscrossed the US & Canada by bike, car, train, RV and by foot.

VOLUNTEERING – Sally Melton – For nearly a decade Sally taught English, and regularly utilized volunteers in her classroom. Soon after moving to Southern Oregon, she led the formation of a local nonprofit volunteer group. For the past twenty years she has worked for Asante Health System, coordinating their Senior Services program.

2013 International CES. January 8-11 in Las Vegas

January 2013 brings us the world’s top consumer technology show, International CES.   Technology Report will again be reporting live from this year’s show.  Stay tuned for our pre-CES coverage including profiles of the keynotes, companies, special sessions, CES Performances and Celebrities, and those amazing CES parties.   As the economy revives we’ll expect to see the new consumer technologies out in top form at this year’s show.

The Official 2013 International CES Website is here:

Domain Name Registration Tips and “domain tasting” by registrars.

For many the best approach to “having a website” is simply to start a free blog at or  Both are simple and give you access to powerful free tools as well as worldwide exposure (though you’ll find very few people are likely to visit your blog, even if it’s great).    For a very small annual fee of under $20 you can upgrade both and WordPress blogs to have an address with your own domain name, such as “”.

Alternatively you can register your own domain name and sign up for “hosting” and create a website.  This is also cheap, and with available templates not very difficult, though blogs are generally easier to create and manage if you’ll be writing often.   Websites are more appropriate for business exposure, though all businesses should ALSO be blogging which helps your site rank better in search engines – most notably Google which is where almost all free internet traffic will come from nowadays.  Note that a blog is a simply one type of website that uses a general “posting” format.

Easy internet riches from domain registrations is generally a fools game, but it’s also true that a few people made big fortunes with domain name portfolios, and also it is reasonable to register names that suit your fancy for future projects.

Generally you should avoid mail, phone, and online appeals to register or renew names.   Some are outright scams and many are simply a way to get you to move or register names at very high cost.    Discount registrars like charge only about $10 per year per name for .com, .net, and .org (less in bulk).    Although Godaddy’s upselling is annoying, they are about as cheap as you’ll find for name registrations.

Another challenge to making “easy money” with domain registrations is “domain tasting”:

Domain Tasting and Early Domain Deletions from “Domain Estimator” website:

Domain Tasting refers to a fairly new domain phenomena that claims over 1.5 million domain registrations and deletions per day. Most of the major TLD registries have allowed registrars to delete domain registrations and receive a full refund within the first five days of registration. This results in domain tasting, or the process of registering domains (usually by the thousands), testing them on parking pages for a period of 4-5 days and then releasing the domains that are not generating revenue. There are no rules when it comes to deletions, so in theory, a domain taster could register and taste a domain multiple times before finally deciding whether or not it meets their criteria (usually it must generate more money in a given year then it cost to acquire). Several large, well funded companies have now mastered the art of domain tasting and claim pretty much every daily dropped domain. In other words, any domain that drops as part of the daily drop cycle gets registered and tasted, almost immediately after dropping, and then re-released several days later for others sample. Many tasters register tens of thousands of two and three word combination domains that were never previously registered, in addition to the drops. Most of the high volume tasters own at least one registrar and have budgets that allow tens of thousands of domain registrations per day. Since they only keep a very small percentage of what they taste, the money stays in constant circulation. The only way to combat domain tasting (since virtually anything that drops as part of the regular drop cycle gets picked up by them) is to backorder domains through one of the drop catchers.

Guest Post: Mobile News Applications from the UK’s Reese Jones

Keeping Up With the News – Digital Tools

by Reese Jones

News travels faster than ever and there is more of it, reported in more ways, by more agencies, than you could possibly imagine. Trying to keep up with it all is an impossibility. That’s why it can be of great benefit to the news hungry, to have some way to tailor what news will reach them. With mobile devices set to take over as the major news communication device, the number of news apps has proliferated faster than a plague of locusts. With so many apps out there, it is hard to choose the one that suits you best. Here are some handy tips to helping you find what is best for you. Please note, these are only guidelines and not articles of faith…

News: Your point of view
With so much news out there, it is important that your app learns to discern what news would typically be of interest to you. Your news app should be able to pick out news from geographical regions, subject areas such as art, entertainment and politics as well as what type of news. This last option is a little tricky. You might be more interested in features rather than straight-up news reports. You might want news round up like a stockmarket report or general news bulletin. A good news app should be able to scan the news out there and pick out the news based on your preferences.

The layout is also crucial. Some news apps can organise your news efficiently according to your preferred categories. In some instances they can even prioritise what news reaches you, so that if time is short the important news reaches you first. It can also adapt the way the news is presented to you, so that for example you can have a list of news snippets presented to you. RSS feeds are a particularly popular way of garnering news that interests you in an accessible way that allows you to find out what’s going at just a glance.

Who has your ear?
In this age of celebrity, news presenters can attract a cult following so if you just cannot bear the thought of missing any interrogation from The Paxman then you should get a news app that can identify and select news from certain sources. My father, for example, has a completely irrational love of FOX news. Now if I were of a mind, I could install an app that looks specifically for reports from FOX News; unfortunately for him, he can’t install the app – he’s not savvy enough to know how…he watches FOX news after all. Of course, I won’t bother. My mother told me not to encourage other people’s bad habits. Naturally, nigh on every national news agency has their own app, if you have your colours pinned to one particular mast.

How about this for fancy? Buzz Voice can scan the news for your favourite news items and then read them out to you. In essence, you would be creating your own personal news radio show. You can happily make yourself breakfast in the morning while your phone tells you what’s going on in the sectors and countries you are interested in. I’m a particular fan of using this app when my mother-in-law comes to visit, as I can pretend I’m on the phone to someone. Amazing how hearing what’s going on in Africa helps you blur out someone’s very existence from your consciousness.

Share the pain/gain
Some particular news item excites or depresses you so much you just have to tell your friends? Well, many news apps have jumped on the online social bandwagon and allow you to share your news collections in an easy manner. Pulse News is a particularly useful way of organising and sharing your news on Facebook, Twitter or via email.

About the Author
Reese Jones is a tech and gadget lover, a die-hard fan of iOS and console games. She started her writing venture recently and writes about everything from quick tech tips, to mobile-specific news from the likes of O2, to tech-related DIY. Find more about her and her work at Reese+ and tweet her  @r_am_jones.

Star Trek Google Doodle – the best Google Doodle ever?

Today’s interactive Star Trek Story as the Google Doodle is arguably the best Google Doodle ever.     Star Trek Fans will appreciate that they are showcasing one of the great episodes, where, on a far away planet, Kirk is battling hand to hand with an  Alligator Alien, using only his human cleverness and ingenuity to win.

And speaking of cleverness Google Doodles are always fun, but this one – with several interactive screeens – has got to be one of the best of all time.  

SES San Francisco – sorry but SES Conference Coverage … won’t be live

We were all pressed up and ready to rock and roll at the SES Search Conference in San Francisco which started today, but some pressing non-press personal business kept us here in Oregon for the duration of the SES Conference.

We’ll still try to report on interesting items, but here’s SES San Francisco coverage from some great Search reporters:

Search Engine Watch

Official SES Conference Website

Brafton at SES

TopRank Blog by Lee Odden

Bruce Clay


Very sorry to miss today’s keynote by the extremely clever Avinash Kaushik, an exceptional search marketeer who encourages the use of careful data analysis and Wednesday morning’s talk by Google spam policeman Matt Cutts who always has excellent insight about white hat SEO for your websites and blogs.


SES San Francisco Conference Agenda

Here’s a clickable summary of the SES San Francisco Online Marketing Conference coming up next week at the Moscone Center.  

We’ll be reporting live from the conference.   Links take you to the SES website here:

 Day 1 Agenda – Tuesday, August 14 – Moscone Center

7:00-6:30pm Registration
7:30-9:00am Morning Coffee
9:00-10:00am Conference Welcome and Opening Keynote
Business Optimization in a Digital Age
Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist, Google
10:00-11:00am Grand Opening of the Expo Hall
10:00-6:30pm Expo Hall
Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Track 5 Track 6
Marin Software BloomReach Learn with Google
10:30-11:30am Information Architecture for the Modern Website Spy vs Spy: Competitive Analysis Social Media Optimization that Won’t Break the Bank Big Data: What Marketers Need to Know Kick Start
The Foundations of Search Engine Marketing
Keynote: Search and Beyond with Google AdWords and DoubleClick
11:30-11:45am Session Interval
11:45-12:45pm Keyword Modeling Analysis Page One Power
No BS Link Building for E-Commerce Sites
Mobile Marketing Tactics Beyond Keywords! Extreme PPC Targeting Kick Start
Introduction to Analytics
Winning the Moments that Matter with Local, Social and Mobile AdWords Search Strategies
12:45-2:00pm Networking Lunch in the Expo Hall
2:00-3:00pm SEO & Website Migrations: How to Have a Smooth Transition Insider Tips to Ad Optimization Social Media, Meet ROI: The Secrets to Social Commerce Quantcast
Performance Targeting through Real Time Bidding and Display: The Complement to Search
Kick Start
Getting Started with SEO
DoubleClick Search: The Power of Platform for the Next Step in Search Marketing Management
3:00-3:30pm Afternoon Break in the Expo Hall
3:30-4:30pm Internet Marketing Ninjas
Pandas, Penguins, Authors, & Links
Optimizing Landing Pages for Conversion and Revenue Local Myth Busters – Local Optimization Facts Proven or Debunked Web Analytics Deep Dive Kick Start
A Beginner’s Guide to Paid Search
Richer Tools for Targeting: Search + Display
4:30-5:30pm Meet the Experts: Roundtable Forum
5:30-6:30pm Networking Cocktail Reception in the Expo Hall
9:00pm-late WebmasterRadio.FM's SearchBash
WebmasterRadio.FM’s SearchBash

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Day 2 Agenda – Wednesday, August 15 – Moscone Center

8:00-6:00pm Registration
8:00-8:45am Morning Coffee
8:45-9:00am Morning Briefing with Mike Grehan
10:00-3:00pm Expo Hall
Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Track 5 Track 6
9:00-10:00am Key Metrics for SEO & Social How to Win with Google & Bing Big Data & Social: Mining Social Media Data to Add Value Optimize B2B Content across the Sales Cycle Effective Paid Search Tactics SES Talkback

 What is it? 

10:00-10:30am Morning Coffee Break in the Expo Hall
10:30-11:30am SEO Tools of the Trade Channel Surfing: Measuring Profit & ROI Across Channels Activating the Social-Search Dynamic The Do’s and Don’ts in Executing an Effective Retargeting / Remarketing Strategy Building Your Brand with Paid and Earned SES Talkback
Understanding the Mobile Customer Journey
11:30-12:30pm Meet the Experts: Roundtable Forum
12:30-1:30pm Networking Lunch in the Expo Hall
1:30-2:30pm Enterprise Link Building Bing
New Features Lab
Generate More Pinterest: Getting the Most from the New Kid on the Social Block Optimizing Conversion from Strategy to Execution – The Three Keys to Success Semantic Search: SCHEMAs and CMS: Increase Engagement and Freshen Your Content SES Talkback
How to Take Your Blog to the Next Level
2:30-2:45pm Session Interval
2:45-3:45pm SEO 2012: What Still Works? Paid Search Analytics & Multi-Touch Attribution Analysis Social Media Marketing: Killer Facebook Ads Better SEM in a Cross-Channel World The Convergence of Search, Social, & Content Marketing SES Talkback
Search, Social, and Mobile in Asia
3:45-4:00pm Afternoon Break
4:00-5:00pm Bionic Search Marketing: Fusing People & Technology Actionable Statistics to Advance your PPC The B2B Data Challenge: Value & Attribution Global SEM: Turn Right at Reykjavik – How to Reach Europe’s Biggest Markets Duplicate Content & Multiple Site Issues SES Talkback
SEO 2013 – the Future of Search
5:15-6:30pm SES Eliminator Quiz & Networking Event
6:00-9:00pm Good Beer for a Good Cause

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Day 3 Agenda – Thursday, August 16 – Moscone Center

8:30-3:30pm Registration
8:30-9:30am Morning Coffee
9:30-10:30am Morning Keynote Panel
Integrated Marketing: What Does That Really Mean?
10:30-10:45am Session Interval
Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Track 5
10:45-11:45am SEO Diagnostics for the Skilled Search Mechanic Latinosphere: Marketing to Latinos in the Age of Digital Local & Social: Maximizing Visibility App Analytics: Proving the Value of Your App The New Inbox: The Intersection of Email, Mobile, & Social Marketing
11:45-1:00pm Networking Lunch
1:00-2:00pm Building a Massive Customer Base through Content Driven SEO Effective PPC Auditing Get Inside Your Customer’s Head: Research. Insight. Discovery. Global SEM: Hidden Dragons—Mastering Search in Tempting Asian Markets How to Drive 51% Engagement Through Email Marketing
2:00-2:15pm Session Interval
2:15-3:15pm Successful In-House SEO PPC Beyond Search: New Ad Formats, Display, & Social Keys to Success with B2B Video Data That Persuades: How to Prove Your Point Getting the Content Right: Constructing Effective Messaging Over Email
3:15pm End of Conference

Olympics Coverage – Charter Login Problems

Just a quick post here hoping to help others with Charter’s bizarre Olympics login procedure.   You will need to use and possibly set up  a CHARTER.NET email address.   Also, you’ll need to have coverage that includes CNBC and MSNBC.   Internet only Charter service, even if you also get basic cable, will not include online Olympics coverage (!).    The email may be but is not necessarily the same as the “contact email” you probably have already with Charter.   If the format of your email is NOT   you won’t be able to log in.

If you do NOT have an email or you have forgotten it, it’s probably easier to just log in to your online account and set up a new one.   Have your bill handy – you’ll need the account number and security code which is in upper left corner.   You may not have an online account in which case this process may take you 10 minutes or so due to Charter’s overly complicated and cumbersome navigation and user interface.

If you have an account skip this, but if not you’ll need to  set up a charter online account:    Note that you generally must use the address on your bill which may NOT resemble your “real” address.    In my case, my actual address does not work in their system – I must use the billing address which is in an odd format – I presume from an old or funny database of addresses.

NOW that you have an online account, you can get a email address.

From your account go to “tools” and then “email” and you can set up a new one.    THEN you go to the NBC Olympics login screen.  One of the gateways is here:

This is where you must enter the email you set up earlier.


I’m finally able to watch the Olympics online, which helps a LOT if you want to watch real time coverage or not just get the events NBC and Bob Costas’ think are worthy of your precious time.

Is iPhone 5 going to be loaded with quad core chip?

Guest Post by Travis Ramsy

Samsung has already done it with the Galaxy S3, but it looks like Apple cannot wait to catch up. Rumors are that the iPhone 5 is going to be equipped with a quad core chip. Apart from running across the track for the finish line for the better phone, there is significance to this. If the rumors are true, for the very first time since Apple has started to create iPhones and iPads, the iPhone have a better processor than the iPad. It could be an interesting time, considering the slew of lawsuits that Apple and Samsung are busy fighting with each other all over the globe, but what this means for tech-geeks is this.
The quad core chip, which has been used successfully by HTC and LG apart from Samsung, is assuredly faster and more efficient than the dual-core A5X or the A5 that is being currently used in the iPhone 4S and the iPad. What the quad core does is, reduces power consumption by adjusting workloads to different frequencies and voltages. Apple could well choose to adapt this, despite the brawls at the courtroom – after all, Apple and Samsung are pretty happy partners in other areas – Samsung still provides Apple with flash memories and uses Samsung’s A5 and A5X modules.
But there is also the chance that Apple would surprise us all and just release an A6 version which has been long-awaited because all this is rumor. And especially with something like Apple, that remains and thrives in an aura of mystery; with rumor mills spinning all time.
What we can definitely expect from the iPhone 5 however is that it will be slimmer, sleeker, and with more power than the previous editions as well as better photo-clicking ability. Other rumors include a 19 pin dock connector and NFC capacities, but we don’t know if that will happen either.
For Apple enthusiasts, an A6 would probably be a bigger deal than the quad core chip. The A6 has been anticipated for a while—back in the days of release for the latest iPad, most people expected the device to host the A6, but were disappointed to learn that Apple was very coyly giving the A5X, not because the A5X is bad. The A5X is dual core too and gives better graphics.
Whether it is A6 or the quad core, the point is the new iPhone 5 will host either of the two. Unless Apple decides to do a whole turn around and surprise us. And believe us; it has done it before!

Travis Ramsy likes writing articles related to Technology News, Gadget Reviews and How To.  He also does guest posting for

SES San Francisco. Live Reporting Starts August 12

Technology Report will be live blogging SES San Francisco, one of the world’s oldest and arguably the top online marketing conference*.   Most of that coverage will be here at Technology Report but I will also have posts at JoeDuck and our Retire USA Retirement Blog when the topics may be of interest to seniors and retired folks.

Technology Report was actually started with my California Technnology buddy John Ghysels to cover SES plus other conference events in Silicon Valley like the Mashup Camp and Startup Camps  (I miss those!)  but I have not been to SES for several years and I’m looking forward to reporting from there this year and giving extra  attention to the topic of Search Engine Optimization or ‘SEO’, something always near and dear to me as somebody who supervises so many websites.

Social media has shaken things up quite a bit both online and in the SEO field.   In my view Google has become much more conservative ranking websites.  Google now assumes very correctly that most new websites are spam or very low quality sites, and therefore Google looks for “big signals” to allow new sites to rank well for valuable terms.   This adds yet another burden to new websites that deserve to rank well, especially those that seek valuable niche markets.

For more about the upcoming SES Conference visit their website, review the SES Conference Agenda Online, or go directly to the following conference highlights here (these link directly to the SES Official Site):


SES Conference first timers will want to note that this conference is fast and furious, and you can’t possible take in everything over the course of three days.    I’d recommend you review the materials carefully before the show and pick a few topics and speakers you’ll want to hear and be sure to get to those talks.  Ask a question or introduce yourself to the speakers afterwards.    (tip – you’ll certainly want to have Google’s Avinash Kaushik on that list).

SES Parties:   Sadly, the incredible  “Google Dance” is no longer a feature of the SES conference but you’ll want to keep your eyes open for party opportunities with the many exhibitors at the Conference.    The burst of the dot com bubble meant downsizing of both internet companies and their parties, the best of which was the amazing “Google Dance” held at the close of SES on the Google campus in Mountain View.

* There are basically three major online strategy conferences and the history of these events is quite fun and interesting.  They are SES, SMX, and PubCon.