Tekzilla at CES 2009

Tekzilla’s Patrick Norton and Veronica Belmont tape their show at CES 2009 at the NBC Universal mega display area which included exhibits, surface computing tables, a bizarre TV Octopus thing,, and a “blogging lounge” where celebrity bloggers were featured.

Note to NBC – IMHO celebrity blogging is something of an Oxymoron – part of the value and power of the medium is the massive exchange and shared voices. Next year you might host a “real” blogging lounge along the lines of the superb Cntrstg Blog Lounge setup bloggers enjoyed over at the Wynn.

Simcraft Racing Simulator

John will have more later on this topic as he had a chance to test one of the world’s top racing simulators on display at CES by Simcraft but I wanted to get these pictures online .  We had a nice talk with Simcraft’s CEO about his plans for moving forward with this remarkable driving simulation tool.    Rather than the arcade market with its liability challenges he explained that one of  Simcraft’s major projects right now is a contract with the Department of Defense to use the simulators to train drivers for high speed runs when they must avoid IEDs in Iraq and other combat environments.

At $44,000 this is not accessible to most but with a remarkable cage suspension system that gives the driver 3 degrees of motion this really is likely to be the sim of choice for high end drivers who can pony up the cash.

Autoblog has more on this device – easily one of CES’ most impressive demos.

Casio at CES 2009

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Casio’s focus at CES 2009 was on their robust new digital camera line.   G4 covered the Casio CES Press Conference at CES.

The most interesting aspects of the new Casio cameras will be high speed photography and effects which will allow regular users to deploy some things only pros could use before such as 60 frame per second sequences in simple cameras and 1200 frame per second high speed video from relatively inexpensive camcorders.

Blogging CES – CES09 Blogroll

Blogging CES 2009:

I’m reposting Lyn’s excellent blogroll from the official CES blog at blog.ce.org. For a complete pictures you’ll need to check a lot of blogs because even the companies like Engadget and Gizmodo, each I think with 10+ people reporting here, will feature only a small fraction of all the conference action here at CES, which is really almost too massive to imagine in terms of the number of exhibits across the two convention centers.

Electric Bikes and Scooters at CES 2009



Electric Bikes and Scooters to be Showcased at CES 2009

Following is a press release from ELV Motors.  Generally we run our own reviews here at Technology Report but to keep up with the flood of CES information we’ll also be posting press releases for interesting products we may not have the time to review ourselves:

All Electric Motor Bike a2b

All Electric Motor Bike a2b

Las Vegas, NV This year CES is highlighting Greener Gadgets in a special Tech Zone section in Central Hall. The Greener Gadgets TechZone features the pioneering technologies that benefit the environment and sustainability of global economy. ELV Motors, the first electric transportation company to exhibit at CES will be featured in this section  .


ELV Motors offers “Fleet Certified” electric bicycles and electric and hybrid scooters for companies, consumers and cities. Electric bikes and scooters are the perfect solution for companies, fleets, security patrol, police, commuters, students, vacationers, baby boomers, and anyone concerned about the enviroment and saving money.

Electric bicycles and scooters are used for:

  • Indoor and outdoor security, police and EMT patrol
  • Commuting up to 40 miles on a 10 cent charge
  • Running errands and traveling on school and business campuses
  • Employees and guests at resorts
  • Reducing operating costs and adding alternative energy vehicles to fleets 



  “New hi-tech and stylish electric bicycles like the A2B, the fun to ride electric scooters like the E-1600, and the all new Verde Motors hybrid gas/electric scooters are great ways to save money while helping to save our enviroment,” said Douglas Schwartz, President & CEO of ELV Motors, Inc.


At booth 8733 in the Greener Gadgets Tech Zone, ELV Motors will be demonstrating the:

  • 2009 A2B electric bicycle from Ultra Motor – (500 watt throttle driven electric bicycle that can travel 20 mph for 20 miles without pedaling)
  • New A2B police, patrol and fleet electric bicycle(500 watt throttle driven electric bicycle with police, security or EMT lights, pack and markings)
  • 2009 Verde Motors  VM3000H – (3000 watt, 149cc hybrid scooter that can travel 45mph with 130mpg)
  • Dual motor E-1600 all electric scooter (1600 watt dual motor electric scooter that can travel 30mph for up to 40 miles per charge)
  • UM24 electric foldable commuter bicycle (250 watt pedal assisted electric bicycle that can travel 16 mph for 20 miles)








    For more information visit ELV Motors at www.elvmotors.com call 408 850-8191, or email doug@elvmotors.com

    For information on dealerships contact bobby@elvmotors.com


    Video of KGO Interview: Click here: Additional video footage available

    Photos: Click here

    Source: Douglas Schwartz, ELV Motors.

Intel CES Website Launches

CES 2009 in Las Vegas is only a few weeks away and Intel has launched an excellent new website called “ConsumerElectronicsInsider.com”  to aggregate the CES blog posts and content in a single place.     It will be interesting to see how this approach compares to more carefully filtered and ranked content we’ll find at TechMeme.com during CES.     I suspect Technorati will remain the best source for finding all the posts about CES – last year it was hard to sort through the many early reports and  then the tsunami of blogs and reports that stream in just after the conference begins and continue until a few days after the end of CES.

Note: To be included in this Intel CES Website blogs and resources must use the tag “CES09″ on content.

Also note that CEA has an excellent blog with timely information, especially for those attending CES in Las Vegas:   http://blog.ce.org/