Twitter Helping to Shape Democracy in Iran

Perhaps we’ve written too much here about the microblogging / messaging service Twitter, but I remain convinced that Twitter (and also Facebook with her many new users) represent a mainstreaming of social networking that is a very important development in the evolution of the internet.     People, not technology, are the key to understanding why the internet is so important and no better example is the election in Iran and how Twitter is being used – in spite of massive Iranian Government censorship – to bring news to the outside world and spread messages in the country as well.   CNN Reports that the US State Department is actively encouraging Twitter to maintain uninterrupted services in the hopes of keeping up the flow of uncensored (and often anti-Government) information.  CNN’s Anderson Cooper Reports.

This is not to suggest that Twitter’s offering unbiased reporting of the situation.  On the contrary much of the Twitter buzz is anti-Government and in favor of the opposition candidate and a freeer, more open Iran.   Many Twitter rumors are false as well, but the point is that we’re seeing the service used in a profoundly important and significant way.  More importantly Twitter in Iran is playing a key role as one of the few uncensored outlets.