CES Venues: The Las Vegas Hilton

The Las Vegas Hilton Venue for CES is located adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center – which still means a walk of about 5-10 minutes but does not require you to take the free and frequent shuttle bus as you must to go from the Convention Center or the Hilton to the Venetian / Sands complex which is a few miles away.

The Hilton is the smallest and most easily manageable of the three major CES Venues which also include the Venetian / Sands and the Las Vegas Convention Center.

In Las Vegas you’ll want to preserve your strength and take shuttles whenever possible because simply walking from one hotel to another along the strip can take some time in this city of mega-buildings.   Also note that with buildings of this size your mind (and even maps) may tend to fool you into thinking things are closer than they actually are.